Thursday, September 18, 2014

Blog Hop Winner!

Hello Friends! 

Thank you all for welcoming me to Life Book . I enjoyed reading each of your comments and connecting with you here.  

I asked you each to share what art means to you, here's what some of you shared:

Art in any form, is an aspect of the matter the skill level or medium, whether it's paint, pencil, camera, or junk and glue...creating anything is speaking from the soul and putting it out into the world somehow. It's a piece of you, from the concept to the realization. You've made something no person has ever in the history of ever made before! -Jenne Feeney

Art keeps me from becoming OLD inside & out. It saves my sanity! -Sinderella Studio

art is the way. It creates a path, a way, for me to be in the world. It exposes and creates meaning. -Cynthia Lee

Art is like air...I need it to breathe, to be myself, to be whole. I may not create every day (which is one reason I want to take this class so desperately) but there is not ever a day when art does not impact my life. Be it the artists on facebook that I follow, the graffiti on the street, the doodles on a notepad or the galleries that I pass. Art is life. -All Shiny & New

art is…speaking freely, without words. -Joy Matthews

As I sat here and read through each of your comments I felt connected to you and wish I could give each of you a free spot in the course.  I hope to you to see you all there!

Here's the winning comment:

'Art' is ...freedom, dreaming, creating, being happy, learning, meeting,... I just started painting and drawing this year, and it feels good! :)

Fingers crossed!!!
Smiles from Belgium,
Saskia :)

Art is truly a universal language transcending all barriers.  
For me personally, art has kept me going when life seemed unbearable.  
Art saves me each day and I am thankful. 


  1. Wow, Wow... that's ME!!!!! :) :)
    Can you hear me singing, can you see me doing a happy-dance!!?
    I'm sooooooo happy!!! Thanks 1000x!!!

    BIG hug & sweet greetings,

  2. I think I really can see that happy dance Saskia..congratulations...


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