Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pics from my art retreat!!!

Here's a recap of my Neskowin retreat...
I arrived a day early to prepare for the ladies.  I was worried about the weather this time of year but it turned out to be absolutely gorgeous.

So excited for a creative adventure!
It was hard to unpack with that view, just wanted to sit and stare out the window.
Setting up our creative space

Everyone received a hand painted folder with class materials and prints from me♥

I couldn't wait for the girls to arrive and open their presents! 

My folks came up that afternoon to help me finish setting up, here's my dad feeding the seagulls

The girls arrived the next day, I fell in love with them instantly. Here's a peek at what they received♥

15 min demo painting by me
demo painting  by me
Jodi hard at work bringing the paint to life

Cinda working her magic

Jude painting away

Bliss, I miss the girls so much♥

My amazing auntie was our cook for the week, she took good care of us.

We spotted a magical mushroom on an afternoon walk.  This was such a thrill, I thought these only existed in fairy tales!

Miss Jude and I

Jodi and I

Cinda and I.  I have 3 new sisters, I feel so lucky♥

We had a special visitor peek through the window during class.  When I saw her she literally took my breath away, it was magic. 

On our last day we wrote down our deepest desires, sealed them in a bottle and sent them out to sea♥
My new sisters from left to right: Cinda, Me, Jude, & Jodi

A group piece we all worked on. Everyone went home with one of my demo paintings.  I kept this one♥

I was so inspired by these ladies!  It was such a joy to be around them.  We all got along so well and genuinely enjoyed each others company.  Lots of laughter, hugs, conversation, connection.
As I drive home I was so overcome with emotion, the tears would not stop.  My heart is thankful for this amazing gathering.


  1. Sounds too beautiful for words Jenny!

  2. such an incredible experience this must have been for everyone. Gorgeous paintings and what a generous packet of goodies the girls received! Congrats on your class too!

  3. LOVE< LOVE< LOVE Let me know if you are doing another one next year for 2014?? I'm in.;) I'm doing the one this summer in Italy with Jeanne and Lauren;) I would LOVE to do yours too!!! ;)

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Teresa, it felt like a fairy tale♥

  5. What a wonderful experience! I am so happy for you and your new sisterhood! ox

  6. oh dear Jenny what a wonderful retreat it must have been and u were so generous with your gifts your have a good heart and ive just signed up for your online adventure , i kept asking u and u did it wooohooo cant wait my friend
    big hugz bev xoxox

    1. Aw, thank you Bev! So happy to a friend joining in! ♥

  7. Oh Jenny.... how lovely to see the beautiful photos from your art retreat... just adore the painted folders... and SO excited to see that you will be teaching online... cannot wait... how lucky we are to have you as one of the teachers...

    Jenny ♥

  8. Hi Jenny, Paid for your wonderful course that is starting in Jan via Pay Pal but haven't received a recipt as yet............did the payment come and love Lorrayne

    1. Hi Lorrayne,
      Since this comment is anonymous I have no way to verify your paypal. Check your paypal account to see if payment was sent. If it went through you will be getting email confirmation about the class within the next couple of weeks. :)

  9. Those painted folders are AMAZING! So thrilled to be joining you in 2014 for the online class! So excited!

  10. Jenny, the e-course sounds like a winner...I'm thinking about it.
    I love your faces...looks like your art retreat was a real treat! Fun times!

    1. Thank you so much Mary, hope to see you there! ♥

  11. Hi Jenny

    I paid for your wonderful worshop but I ve not received anything yet. Is it ok?

    1. Hi Caroline,
      You need to register at for course access.
      If you have registered at the Ning site & still don't have access, contact Jeanne Oliver at,

      Look forward to seeing you there:)

  12. dear jenny:)
    Hoping that my spirit will be lifted by LIfe BOOK. Art is what gives me that space to express the inner fire...the pure vibrance of color and shape and story. I look forward to all you have to share in Life Book and fingers crossed I am the lucky winner. Huge Hugs! Chrisanne


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