Friday, March 29, 2013

Art and some of my favorite things today!

Happy Friday!  

I'm happy to be home today painting and cleaning house while the paint dries.  
Easter snuck up on me this year... Much to do the get ready for the weekend.  
I need to pick up everyone's favorite candy, cadbury mini eggs.

I have some art to share along with my new favorite chapstick and I want to share my friends new book!  I am so excited for her!

This is a painting I started in Italy

I made a photocopy of the painting then cut it up and made a new collage painting with it.

I love how it turned out!

I try to document my paintings from start to finish.  It changes so much from beginning to end.
The pictures below show different stages of the same piece.

A portrait of my darling niece

Close up

I think this piece is finally finished!!!  It's been through several stages and I finally feel happy with it.

My friend Lynn Cohen just had her first book published!
Click on the photo below to find out more about it!
I was honored to write a review on the back of the book.  Check it out, I know you will love it!

Lastly, I wanted to share my new favorite chapstick.  I was in Portland last weekend for my sons baseball tournament and we stopped at New Seasons market in between games.  
I saw this chapstick called Portland Bee Balm and thought I'd give it a try.  Oh my goodness, I love it!
The best part is that it's locally made and totally organic!  
If you live outside Portland you can get it online at  

Thank you for stopping by!  

Wishing you all a Happy Easter Weekend!

Jenny xo


  1. I love your painting, they are all beautiful. Love the colors, the style, all in all. I´m glad to found you.
    Hugs and HPPF

  2. Love the haunting effect you're able to get with these. I love the way you change up your work, your process is so flexible!

  3. Wonderful art pieces here! I can see Misty Mawn's influence :-)

  4. Thanks for plugging my book! I hope your followers make it over to Blurb bookstore to check it out. Thanks again for your great review, I've no doubt that it's responsible for its many sales!!!

    As you know I love all your art and today's pieces are stellar!!

  5. Beautiful work with Misty. I love the last one with added collage. How wonderful to have been a part of Lynns book

  6. Wow, really love how each of these pieces evolved after you played around with them a bit, especially the first one of the woman with wings. Somehow she looks lighter and happier, and the same goes for the girls in your other works in the after pics.

  7. really gorgeous paintings!! I love seeing the process photos too-great work!Happy PPF and Happy Easter!

  8. What a wonderful selection of paintings! You have been busy. Gorgeous work!

  9. A lovely selection of artwork.
    Happy Easter and HPPF. Annette x

  10. I just bought a print from you !!! Love the one I got!! Cant wait to get it home and hang it in my art room for inspiration:):)

  11. Your pieces turned out the process..thanks for sharing!!

    I ordered Lynns book and love it!!
    A woman with tenacity and wisdom!!

    Nice to know about the lip balm for my daughter who seems to be allergic to all lip balms in the last few years!!

    Hugs Giggles


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