Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 6th 2012

I had a million ideas about to share with you this week but as I sit here to write it out my mind is blank.  Most of my ideas came while driving and were swiftly replaced as I walked through my front door with ideas of how to get dinner, baseball, and homework taken care of.  This time of year is always a whirlwind.  

As I sit here tonight I'm feeling incredibly thankful for my sweet family.  My husband, my babes, and my animals mean the world to me.  They have been asking me what I would like for Mothers Day.  I'm hoping for art supplies, always...My sweetheart has been so supportive lately.  In the beginning of my passion for painting he was a wee bit irked at the mess on the kitchen table, but now he is my biggest fan.  
His support of what I love to do makes me love him even more.♥

I leave with a few pictures of what I've been painting.  

Sending love to you and wishing you happy!


Portrait commission in progress

adding paint over graphite and stabilo

1/2 view of the same portrait with more layers added

portrait of my daughters dear friend honoring her Maori heritage