Friday, March 9, 2012

3/9/12 PPF and a Giveaway!!!

Happy Friday friends and artists!  It's 11:40 here and I still haven't put myself together yet.  It was a stressful week and I'm so glad to be home today.  The sun is shining, I have paint on my hands, and I'm happy.  
I have several 1/2 done paintings laying around that I hope to finish soon.  I told a friend that I think I must have ADD with all these unfinished pieces laying around.  It takes me forever to produce a finished piece.  Oh, but I love the process.  Nothing thrills me like painting.  
Wishing you well and happy this day!

Much Love,

My little Lucy staring at me through the window when I locked myself out the house the other day

large painting in progress

still working on this piece I shared here last week, I quite like her

PS: I've decide to giveaway the painting pictured below.  She had a slight mishap and got a hole in the canvas. :(  I was so sad about it. She's still beautiful but I cannot sell a painting with a hole in it. If you're interested in having her just let me know in the comments.  I'll announce the winner next Friday!