Monday, November 26, 2012

To Italy and back again Part 2

Hey Friends,

I am finally here posting part 2 of my adventure in Italy!  It is 1am right now.  I started a draft of this post awhile back but haven't seemed able to finish it.  So before I start another week at work I really wanted to share the rest of my journey.  

After a couple of magical days in Roma Jeanne-Marie and I packed up our things and headed to the train station in the rain.  I was so glad we were together.  We figured out which train we needed to take and bought tickets.  We had to wait a couple of hours until our departure then we were finally on our way to Orvieto!

Bill, one of our hosts was there to greet us when we landed.  We had a little time to freshen up before heading to a group dinner and meet the rest of our family of classmates for the week.  There was a chocolate waiting for me on the table in my room along with a print from Sharon and a beautiful card and gift from a friend that I've never met, Glenda Hoagland.  Glenda was in Orvieto for a class the week before me.  I burst into tears when I opened the card.  I would love to meet her in person and give her a big hug♥ 

Our first time in the studio we were given a handmade folder of goodies from Misty.
The picture above was on the inside.  That moment it just hit me...I was here, I made it!  I had a dream and it actually happened!  I quickly ran out of the studio and to my room and cried my eyes out.  

Okay, back to the studio now.

We had an assignment to walk around the town and take pictures or rubbings of anything that spoke to us, something we could use in our work or make a stamp out of. 

The town was so charming, I absolutely loved it there. 

View from the city walls of Orvieto
standing on the cobblestones

I used a photo of this door knob to make a handcarved stamp. 

We had lots of time in between painting to experience the beauty of this place and of course the food...
The food was Amazing!!!

The picture below is where we had breakfast every morning.  Always a variety of teas, fruit, bread, and cereal.  Some days they had hard boiled eggs in adorable little egg cups.  

Did I mention we stayed in an old convent?  
It was full of art and history.  The convent is home to several very old frescos.

kindred spirits

Here's Misty demonstrating color mixing.  
We all loved seeing her in action, she really is amazing!

Here are a couple of pieces I painted,

And some beautiful work by my amazingly talented classmates! 
We had a show & tell at the end of the week and we each took turns sharing our work.
Jeanne-Marie Webb
John Hammons
Dot Longmore
Lorraine Lewis
Renee Plains
Sharon Tomlinson
And of course our Awesome teacher Misty!  
Misty was so encouraging and really wanted us all to learn and grow as artists.
We loved watching her do her thing!
If you don't have her book yet, go get it HERE!!! 

Thank you Misty!

Pictured below are Kristi and Bill our hosts.  I love these two!
They are so kind and took such good care of us. ♥♥♥

Jeanne-Marie found a little heart shaped rock while we were touring a local winery.  
I had to take a picture.  I love this girl and miss her so much.  

The whole experience is something I won't soon forget.  Misty taught us all so much.  She is a generous soul.  
I feel truly blessed to have been there.  I left with heaps of inspiration and new kindred friends.  
I think of them often and hope we will all return to Orvieto.

 Thank you for sharing friendship with me, love you guys.

Thank you to all of you that supported me on this journey, you were all there with me in spirit.

xo Jenny


  1. I love getting to go back with you in your post. Sweet one, I miss you and hope someday we get to adventure again.

  2. beautiful pieces! Looks like your experience was a memorable one.

  3. It was amazing to go back... Courteney was reading it to me while I was driving - made me rather emotional. I agree with Sharon - hope we get to adventure again!

  4. loved this post~ your work is beautiful and i agree....misty is so awesome. thanks for sharing your lovely journey with us :)

  5. what a journey my friend! i get to meet glenda this weekend! she only lives 10 miles from me! maybe when i get moved to oregon, glenda will come up, you can come down with melinda and jodi and we can play!! love you sweet friend! xo

  6. So beautiful - everything including your art! I'm so happy you had this opportunity! xxoo

  7. Hi Jenny, it's Lucy from Open Studio...just checking in to read about Part 2 of your adventures in Italy. I was touched by your emotions on your trip...realizing a dream is a HUGE thing, and tears are a perfect way to express that gratitude! Misty really is awesome, and I am so happy you were able to have this beautiful adventure! It is not an experience you will soon forget!
    Buona Notte


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