Saturday, September 15, 2012

College Mom

Happy Weekend Friends!

There has been a lot going on around here...
My husband and I recently returned from taking our oldest to college!  I have a college student!
We drove about 13hours and arrived on campus, helped her get moved in, got her books, groceries, etc.
The next morning we said good bye and drove 13hours home.
I felt like I couldn't breathe when we left and tears were coming down like a waterfall.
I miss my girl but I am so proud of her for going to college.
 Crazy to think that in just 5 years my boy will be off to college too.  Life is moving fast...

My girl and her dad ♥

Here's the progression of a piece I have been working on this week.  

I will be offering up some original artwork for sale in the coming week!
Stay tuned!

Wishing you well and happy!
Much Love, 


  1. This is just beautiful, I think it's somewhat symbolic of your daughter growing up?

  2. Oh my goodness... How exciting for your daughter, but also alittle heartbreaking too for Mom. They grow up too, too fast!! And, ummmm you look way too young to have a child in college. :) Beautiful art as usual!! xo, Jen

  3. I almost cried when I read this. 13 hours away is very far. And I hear u - time is just going to fast. My oldest will be going to college in 4 years time and it is overwhelming.

    You are so brave.

  4. Jenny! Time does go - especially in the eyes of our children. Congrats to your daughter on her college endeavor - it's a huge step for her as well as Mom and Dad :) I still remember the day I brought my son to college - happy tears and sad. But; he got through and ended up teaching locally and, for that, I am blessed with him, his wife, and daughter and soon to have a new grand daughter :)

    Your artwork has evolved so beautifully - I am so happy, for you, that your dream of Italy is coming true! You deserve it.

    Best always - Marilyn xxoo

  5. i love this...
    your images really help
    me see where i need to
    start...when beginning
    a painting...thanks so
    much for sharing...

  6. Oh Jenny, thinking of you as you transition into this new life of having a child living away. Xx

  7. Lovely work! Nice to see the progression.

  8. I loved seeing the stages of your art piece which is totally beautiful.

    13 hours is along way away... aren't we lucky as parents to have mobiles, emails and my favourite skype!

    I hope she settles well :)


  9. You are just fantastic!! =)
    I love your way to paint! :)

    I hope your daughter will be fine at collage, wish her good luck!

    Have a lovely day! :)


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