Thursday, June 28, 2012

Published pg. 14 in the July/Aug 2012 Somerset Studio!!!

I was so excited to get my copy of Somerset with a feature article by me!!!
I still can't believe it!  My little family is so proud.  I'm feeling really thankful for my husband putting up with my big mess of paint in the dining room.  When I first started painting he was a bit perturbed but he is a huge support now.  Someday I will have a little studio of my own where I can blare my music and paint the day away. 

Here's a few pics of my magazine spread and some paintings I've been working on. 
Wishing you well from Oregon!

PS:  I'm a little closer to my Italy painting class!  Thank you so much to all my sponsors♥

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working on a background
Background mostly done, working on the figure

My Janie cat squeezing herself into an empty box


  1. congratulations on being published. All beautiful paintings. Happy PPF, Annette x

  2. Congratulations Jenny - well deserved. I love what you do.

    My cats love cardboard boxes too :)

  3. Jenny, this is just so so so cool. I am stoked for you! I cannot imagine the rush. Lovely to see your beautiful art in the magazine. Do they pay you for the article or is it just the honor of being published? Either would be grand, but one gets you closer to Italy! ;-) Hugs xoxo

  4. Yay, Jenny! May have to pick up a copy just so I can see your article!

  5. Congratulation, Im not surprised you are published, your work is so beautiful.

  6. Yay, Yay, Yay for you!!! Beautiful work and congratulations. Happy PPF

  7. congratulations and glad Italy is one step closer for you...xx

  8. Bravo to you! Wow! How exciting and such wonderful creations ~~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  9. Congratulations of the article. The new paintings are coming along so well, and you are getting closer to your goals! What a great summer you are having.

  10. Yay congrats on being published. I can't wait to buy the mag. Awesome paintings too.

  11. Love you cat in the box photo Jenny! My cat, Precious does the same thing in my art room when I paint!

  12. Congratulations on being published!
    That is wonderful!
    Loveing your paintings as always!
    Glad you're getting closer to Italy! :)
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  13. Great pieces, love your work so much! Congrats on being in the magazine, that's awesome and looks great!

  14. Beautiful work! I can just feel the cold in the winter one.

  15. lucky girl! and well deserved:D absolutely love your paintings!

  16. WoW! You are just great! :) your art work is gorgeous! =)

    and congratulations to you! :)

    lovely weekend also! :)

  17. And I forgot to say your cat is so sweet! :)

  18. Congratulations! Beautiful work!


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