Friday, June 15, 2012

PPF: A dog named Rusty, painting, and a Beautiful Graduate!!!

Meet Rusty...I was driving my daughter and her friend home from downtown the other night when we came across this little guy in the middle of the road.  I was so worried he was going to get hit by a car so I pulled into the refuge lane and rescued him.  He seemed relieved and kept trying to lick my face the rest of the way home.  I feel lucky to have been there at just the right time when Rusty needed someone...what are the odds?

It was late when we got home so I figured I would start the search for Rusty's family in the morning.  
Surprisingly, my animals didn't protest too much to having a visitor.  I think the kitty rolled her eyes and I could almost hear her say, whatever...

The next day I took my Lucy and Rusty out for a morning walk.  I could see it would be hard to say goodbye when I found Rusty's family. 

I had posted an ad on Craigslist about a found dog but didn't get a single email so I took Rusty to the vet to see if he had a chip.  Sure enough, he did and the owners were so happy to hear their doggy was ok.  
I waited with Rusty at the vet clinic for his family to take him home.  
Rusty was so excited when they arrived, it was a happy reunion.  I miss the little guy even though our time was brief.  I couldn't help but cry as I drove home.  My daughter teased me about it. 

waiting for Rusty's family

Here's a few paintings I've been working on the last couple of weeks.

starting a background

laying down a landscape

the finished piece sealed with beeswax

i love this painting so much

Last Friday we celebrated the graduation of my daughter from High School!
I'm so incredibly proud of my girl.
She has grown up to be a kind and compassionate young lady.
I couldn't be more proud.  I am blessed to be her mother.
The Graduate and her bestie♥
Sending love from Oregon,

ps:  I'm up to 40% of my goal to get to Italy!!!  If you would like to sponsor me, the information is on my sidebar!  ♥


  1. Oh wow, you have been busy! Rusty is so lucky you found him! Isn't it interesting how some dogs just fit in and others don't. His owners are lucky as well. Congrats to the grad. Happy PPF

  2. What a wonderful and eventful week!
    Congratulations to your daughter.
    And how wonderful of you to take care of Rusty like he was your own until you found his pet parents.
    LOVE your paintings (as usual!).
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  3. Your paintings are so very lovely! :)

    I'm glad you rescued the dog and I'm also glad that your dog became such a good friend with Rusty. So good you found his family!:)

  4. jenny, i always enjoy looking at your art! congrats on your daughter's graduation. so glad you helped rusty find his family. what a sweet story. :)

  5. What a great thing you did for that family. I bet they were very happy to have that sweet guy back. Your daughter is as beautiful as you are! Congrats to the both of you!

  6. Loved reading about Rusty and his happy ending. Smashing WIP's and paintings. Thank you for sharing the photos. Happy PPF, Annette x

  7. I love that ethereal tree! That ones my favorite though they are all very pretty. I'm so glad Rusty had you to help him out and I know his family is, too. He looks so cute and friendly.

  8. Jenny what a sweet story. Did they say you could have visitation rights? What a gem you are. We once found a siamese kitten who just walked into our open door of our house. It was so sweet I wanted to keep it, but we put up signs in the neighborhood. After about five days the owners saw the sign and came to claim her. I cried too, but was happy she got reunited with her real family. They gave us a gift card to eat at a nice restaurant in town. ;-)
    I'd rather have had the kitten.

    Your art is always so beautiful. It must come directly from your beautiful soul.

    Congrats to your lovely daughter, who looks so much like you I get you confused in photos.

    Hugs dear friend. You will go to Italy before you know it!

  9. What a sweet story - glad that Rusty was reunited with his family. I love your painting of the girl - the colours are wonderful, muted and simple but with emotion and feeling. It is always a bittersweet thing to see our children grow.

  10. congrats on the graduate!
    LOVE your painted DEAR faces.
    + ADORE rusty!!!
    your life is unfolding
    w/such gorgeous layers XOX

  11. Thanks for sharing your work with us! I love your paintings!! What inspiration!

  12. congratualtions to your daughter and congratulations for being PPF featured artist this week. your work is gorgeous! i enjoyed my visit to your blog today!

  13. Loved your stories on the PPF page- how exciting that you are planning to go to Italy and learn more and be surrounded not only by the beauty of Italy but also the artists you will meet there! :^) patsy

  14. Jenny congrats on the feature on PPF! I enjoyed your interview very much! You are an inspiration and I pray that your dream will come true. I will sponsor you on your dream. Painting in Italy.. I hope it will happen for you! Beautiful paintings and work in progress. And I applaud you for your compassion towards Rusty.. like mother like daughter indeed. Congrats to her!

  15. Beautiful paintings and so enjoyed reading your interview at PPF. Take care and happy week-end to you!

  16. Your work is beautiful. I am so glad that you read the book that led you to painting.
    Rusty was very lucky that you can along. His family was too!

  17. wonderful post...just read your PPF interview! Congrats. also posted your blog on mine mentioning your dream journey, hope it helps!
    cheers, dana

  18. Aw Rusty is gorgeous. HOpefully you can go visit him!

    Lovely art and congratulations to your daughter on her graduation and yourself on your PPF feature.

    I was just like you - there was something missing in my life until I found my art again. It was a true life-changer!

  19. ah, so glad you found the pups home.

    your art is wonderful, each and every piece. loved seeing the beginnings, they are artful all by themselves.

  20. I can see Misty's influence on your work. So beautiful!

  21. your paintings are gorgeous!i'm glad i found your blog!


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