Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 6th 2012

I had a million ideas about to share with you this week but as I sit here to write it out my mind is blank.  Most of my ideas came while driving and were swiftly replaced as I walked through my front door with ideas of how to get dinner, baseball, and homework taken care of.  This time of year is always a whirlwind.  

As I sit here tonight I'm feeling incredibly thankful for my sweet family.  My husband, my babes, and my animals mean the world to me.  They have been asking me what I would like for Mothers Day.  I'm hoping for art supplies, always...My sweetheart has been so supportive lately.  In the beginning of my passion for painting he was a wee bit irked at the mess on the kitchen table, but now he is my biggest fan.  
His support of what I love to do makes me love him even more.♥

I leave with a few pictures of what I've been painting.  

Sending love to you and wishing you happy!


Portrait commission in progress

adding paint over graphite and stabilo

1/2 view of the same portrait with more layers added

portrait of my daughters dear friend honoring her Maori heritage


  1. everything is beautiful.

    i love your posts and i love your artwork.


  2. sweet sweet Jen, how lovely to read and feel just how blessed you are, surrounded with all the good things you deserve..comes out in your paintings too XX

  3. Stunning work, your girl's are fabulous!!

  4. Absolutely stunning art Jenny...

    Jenny x

  5. I love visiting here and looking at your special art--it really is special!!
    I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!!--sounds like you have a very close and loving family.

  6. Stunning works Jenny! Such a sweet post about your hubby too.

  7. These are stunning. I am so pleased you haven an understanding family. I do too... we haven't been able to get near our dining room table for months! We have to eat at a foldaway picnic table in the kitchen!!

    Keep painting - much more important than kitchen table meal space!

  8. Beautifull. I like the colors that you use.

  9. What beautiful pieces you've created, their lovely and happy faces capture your joy :)

  10. These portraits are so striking. I bet your family just love seeing the faces take shape and develop character! Like additional family members around (or literally ON) your dining room table:-)

  11. Your work is so beautiful. You never cease to amaze me!

  12. Such wonderful faces and with a different approach to each. I like them all. A lot to see here and think about, makes me want to paint right now, but Ihave some of the things you mentoned to attend to first. Thanks for the great visit

  13. I like what I see.. You really are good! :)


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