Monday, November 14, 2011

Can I get a do over...

Remember this painting just a couple posts back?  Well, I wasn't in love with her...Her face looked too long, her coloring was too harsh, and I knew she could be so much better so I went to work.

I started covering over her with gesso and presto chango,  she had a new face and background!

Now I'm satisfied, I just love her!
Delicate Wings

Here's another painting I just finished.  I've been dreaming a lot lately and this painting grew out 
of those feelings of wishing an hoping on a star.  Both paintings are now in my SHOP!

Wish Keeper

And I started one more painting today before I had to start making dinner.  I kind of like the expression she has right now, not sure yet if I'll do anything else with her.

Thank you to all my wonderful friends who left comments on my last post, sending you all hugs!
Happy Week!


  1. loving all that is going on over here.

  2. the changes in the first painting made such a difference! you are amazing! you really have an incredible talent.

  3. Wow Jenny! You inspire me. Awesome!
    Wish you and I could get together so we could art and coffee together. And talk. I imagine we would talk a lot.

  4. Jenny! You are magical! Yes - Gesso is an amazing medium but it's you - the artist who can make it do what it does so beautifully! I love the direction your paintings are going!!

    Thank you for stopping by my Blog and leaving your lovely and supportive comments. Hope your day is good to you!xxoo Marilyn

  5. they are both so lovely! I adore your paintings, Jenny. Such beauty.

  6. First off I love your new header!!! And all your women you paint have such a fairy tale feel to them for me. I love this ride you are on!

  7. Both are really wonderful-you did a really good job with the lights on the face.

  8. Thank you so much sisters♥ Hoping you're all having a happy week!
    :) Jenny

  9. just wanted to pop in and say
    i;ve been following you from very early on in your artsy career and it is a joy to see you BLOOM.
    love love love all of it.



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