Sunday, October 9, 2011

It's a painting frenzy...

So right at this moment, my kitchen is a total disaster...I've been in inspiration mode and painting like crazy while my house is getting messier and messier.  I need to put my husband and kids to work.  It's hard to trade the paintbrush for the vacuum when I get like this.  I know there are women out there that seem to be able to do it all and still have a clean house but I'm just not one of them.  Life is short and I wanna paint.  

In progress, I was inspired to journal all over the canvas

The next set of photos is the progression of a painting I made this weekend.  She really changed a lot along the way.  I'm still not sure if she's done yet, we'll see.  

Rain has been falling so every time I come back from walking my sweet Lucy I bundle her up like a baby to dry her off.
I'm so in love with my sweet pup.

Wishing you a Happy Week and inspiration to create!


  1. I love this post Jenny, you sound so happy! And I adore all your paintings! Beautiful!! :)

  2. Just paint--forget the house--it will just get dirty again after you clean it :)
    (mine needs a really good cleaning!)

  3. Good for you! These faces look gorgeous. I absolutely adore the first one.

  4. I'm with you girl,forget the vacuum,lifes too short! Keep painting! Love seeing the progress of this one,she's beautiful.

  5. Your painting looks wonderful! and what a sweet photo of your "baby"!

  6. Hello Miss Jenny! Love this post...the face on the first And your toes in one of the progress pictures is too cute. Yes, I much prefer the paint brush over the vacuum, thus the Golden Retriever hair all over, and I mean ALL OVER our house.

    Your art is beautiful like you : )

  7. jenny-your painting looks lovely! love the pic of you lovin' your little sweet! i don't think many are able to do it all...i know i'm not. the guilt sets in because your painting is coming along, but your house looks like a disaster...but your soul is full and that is what really matters.

  8. your dedication to painting is thrilling to watch. you are improving with every painting. i think you've got this thing figured out (it's all about the passion...) xo

  9. Don't worry about the house - paint away!! I love seeing your I hope the frenzy continues. :) AND...your little dog is the cutest!!

  10. Your painting is awesome - truly. I love seeing the progression; thank you.

    Yesterday I was doing the mind game.......hmmmmmmm - clean the kitchen and bathroom or paint! Paint won out once again :) I just don't find the reward in housecleaning; it's such a cycle.

  11. I am in this camp with you! I want to create not clean, lol!
    Thanks for visiting me; I have been sick, sinus/head cold! I love what you are doing, keep exploring!
    You work is beautiful~ xo
    Judy did say it best.. "It is all about the passion"~

  12. Dearest sweet jenny, this is such a beautiful post! I sometimes forget the house too when im creating! I love love your new's so beautiful! I love that last photo of your and yours adorable baby! Have a lovely merry happy thusday and love to you!

  13. The mess will still be there but your inspiration might not ! seize the moment !
    I love your first canvas in this post...journalling over it is a great idea


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