Friday, October 21, 2011

Come see what I've been working on!

TGIF Everybody!  
I'm letting too much time pass in between posts, sorry about that.  I'm popping in to show you what I've been working on lately.  
The first few pics are the progression of a little 5x5 painting I recently finished.  She started out looking like an  alien.  I didn't mean for her to end up with a veil.  She started out with hair but my daughter didn't like it and I really didn't either.  As I was covering over the hair with gesso it started to look like a veil so I went with it.  
I love how she turned out!  I added some yellow crackle to finish the piece.  She'll be going to my etsy shop soon!

Close up of a work in progress

Played with encaustic today for my online wax class, LOVE IT!!!

Still refining this piece  I shared in my last post.

I'm loving the online class I'm taking right now taught by my friend Judy Wise.  
You can find out more about it
I'm dreaming of one day have my very own studio where I can create all the day long!

Wishing you a Happy Weekend!

Much Love,


  1. you inspire me and you know i am one of your biggest fans! love your work miss jenny! xo

  2. Gorgeous pieces Jenny... love your encaustic canvas too... workshop sounds fabulous...

    Have a beautiful day
    Jenny x

  3. SHEESH! jenny, she was even GORGEOUS bald! and your waxing is BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Hi Jenny, I have never managed to crackle. I have many different types but I gave up. Yours looks very good. And what I wanted to ask is: what means TGIF?

  5. Thank you so much my friends♥

    Connie: TGIF means, thank goodness it's friday. :)

  6. Love the girl with the veil,especially against that yellow crackle background. That workshop sounds like fun.

  7. All so gorgeous!!--love how your work has evolved!

  8. Your encaustic piece is beautiful. You get so much done! I haven't had/made time to photograph my pieces yet, but I'm loving the wax class :)

    I adore the crackle finish & the veil :)

  9. Jenny!!!! OMG! Your paintings are so beautiful! I love the portrait - the crackle in the background is perfect with her! It takes me deep within.

    Also; your encaustic piece! Just luscious! I'm so happy you are enjoying Judy's class. Thank you for your visits, to my Blog-your feedback always makes me feel like I'm going in the right direction.

    Have a lovely weekend! xxoo Marilyn

  10. I am just LOVING your work Jenny. Its deep, moving and full of emotion. Well done lady!

  11. lovely, LOVELLLLY!
    Oooh crackle and wax...really want to have a go of both. Thankyou for the inspiration!
    And I'm so glad to hear in your last post that domestics get dropped instantly when it comes to painting or hoovering! :) I'm so with you on that sista!!:) hugs to you xxx

  12. Good to see you having fun with painting and wax...all the pieces are very special.

  13. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous
    dear one, you wax wonders.

  14. I love your paintings! So glad to have found your blog too.


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