Thursday, October 6, 2011

Art and SouL...Sort of

A year ago I took my very first art class with dear sweet Judy Wise.  I remember being terrified sailing into uncharted territory all by myself.  It turned out to be one of the best things I've ever done for myself.   This year the funds weren't available to take classes but I was still able to visit on vendor night to see a very special friend who was there from Seattle.  It was a thrill to bump into my friend Judy and these lovely ladies too!  So much talent, inspiration, and kindness glowing from these women.

Top Row left to right: Judy Wise, Jenny Wentworth
Bottom Row: Katie Kendrick, Dot Longmore, Stephanie Lee, & Misty Mawn♥

Judy Hugs are the BEST♥

This is my beautiful talented friend Melinda.  We shared a meal with one of her art and soul classmates named Tina Colada.  Is that a cute name or what. :)  Lots of fun!  Melinda is new to the blogging world so please visit her and make her feel welcome!  You can find her HERE
Love to you,


  1. So sorry I missed you and Melinda this past weekend :(
    Xo Ruth

  2. Friendships made along the way are priceless, aren't they?

  3. How fun that you just went to visit! I am sure you picked up lots of good vibes for inspiration.

    I'll visit your friend!!

  4. What a great picture Jenny!! Glad you got to visit! So cool! And I will be sure to pop over and visit Melinda! :)

  5. Look like a good time. I hope to go sometime.

  6. Ruthie, I'm sorry to have missed you too. That would've made the night complete. We should plan a date soon! :)

    Lisa, art friendships are the best!

    Lynn, Inspiration overload for sure. Felt like painting all night when I got home! ♥

    Cathy, thanks for visiting me and my friend! Love the work you've been doing lately♥

    Regina, come to Portland next year. It'd be so much fun! :)

  7. Awww, lovely to see all these cuddle fests and your beautiful smiling face :) I'm now off to meet your buddy xx
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend xx

  8. Great friendships and lovin' all the smiles! Thanks for the Blog visit; it made my day!

    Your son is a cutie! Love his picture with his little buddy there!

    Your portrait is beautiful! I love her expression and your painting of her is just lovely! xxoo

  9. THANK YOU for those sweet thoughts jenny! i too looked around here and see that wonderful work you are doing and loving it!
    my sister and i went to art and soul a few years back and were never the same again either. i had the pure pleasure of meeting stephanie lee after blogging with her for a while. what a doll of a person. your work reminds me of HER in that it is so authentic and definitely your own and appears like so much depth in many ways. i shall frequent here sweet girl! xo

  10. It was a major pleasure meeting you, Jenny! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and for mentioning meeting me on your blog! Love your artwork and I hope I get to meet up with you again some time. You and Melinda are the coolest! You have such a warm and wonderful blog that is such a reflection of what being around you is like!

  11. Dearest sweet Jenny, it's always so scary at the beginning when we sailed to new territory. I am so glad you did because your work is just so beautiful!
    Sounds like a very beautiful and inspiring event and so much fun to visit and catch up with friends. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  12. Hi Jenny!
    Sorry I haven't been by for a while...have been working on some amazing things including coming to teach in the U.S next fall which is super exciting....I love this pic of you and all of those other incredible women...I cant wait to find out what workshops are on where while I'm over so I can schedule some time between teaching to learn...oh and I've already mentioned to Judy that I would LOVE to visit her beautiful vegie garden while I'm there...hope al is lovely with you...big hugs from Australia! xoxox


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