Friday, September 30, 2011

Portrait painting in progress...

Hello Blog Friends and fellow artists!
Just wanted to share a little progress of a painting I'm working on.   She's not perfectly proportioned but I just love how she's turning out.  I keep staring at her wondering what she's thinking.  This is actually the same painting from the picture in the previous post.  I've just kept adding more layers to her.  I used golden acrylics, gesso, caran d'ache crayons, and stabilo pencil.  Hope you like her too. :)

Thank you all for your encouragement on my last post.  School is going great!  Now I just need to worry about keeping the girls away.  I've had girls showing up at my house wanting to see him!  I'm so not ready for this.  Girls seem a lot bolder nowadays.  
Wishing you a Happy Weekend!
Love from Oregon,
My darling boy and Lucy the dog


  1. Oh my! I love how the painting is coming along. So beautiful, Jenny!

    And I am so glad that school is going well! (A little attention from the girls aside!) I agree, girls are bolder these days. I am often quite taken a back by the confidence that all kids show these days. (or am I just showing my age?)

    Thank you for visiting my new place. :)

  2. all beautiful faces!
    + i LOVE your painting!!!

  3. Wowwwww! What a beauty filled post! Your girl is so stunning, those gentle skin tones are just exquisite!
    And my what a handsome chappy your son is!(the girls clearly have good taste!) :)
    However I like to think my daughters will not be so bold...hmmmm I think I definitely AM showing my age! :) huge hugs to you xx

  4. She's so beautiful---love the layers--it makes all the difference--I just want to touch this!
    And you are so right--girls and boys (for that matter) are growing up too fast--sometimes I feel bad for them because they are almost forced to be this way with all of the outside influences. I loved being a kid! I'm sounding kind of old, aren't I?? :)

  5. Oh she is sooooo beautiful Jenny... and she does have a pensive look about her... wonder what she is thinking too...

    Jenny x

  6. Your new painting looks fantastic! Your girl has a serene expression, and I love her eyes and the shading. Good to hear that school is going great and hope you manage to keep the girls at bay! Wini xo

  7. I love her Jenny! What a great expression on her pretty face. The layers r great! Can't wait to see her complete :)

  8. OH, how very beautiful!!!

  9. Well I can understand why those girls are showing up at your house! He is adorable and with the dog--so cute. Your portrait is really good-you've done a wonderful job on it

  10. It feels like she's developing a character with each layer you add. :) Beautiful!

  11. hey jenny!! lovely blog, and such a beautiful piece you're working on... can't wait to see more pics of your art and soul experience. xoxx


  12. Enjoyed reading your story on Do What You Love! Keep at it! Love your paintings, don't you love painting faces? I do too.

  13. Dearest sweet Jenny, your painting is soo beautiful...i love her gorgeous eyes! And that photo of your boy with your adorable dog is just lovely. Made me smile. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  14. What a beauty filled post! Your new painting looks fantastic!


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