Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jenny's Paint Box

I have a tender heart tonight.  I'm feeling a bit, well a lot of stress at the moment. So much to do this year to get my daughter ready for college next year and my little guy is in junior high!  I'm dreading having to go to the school tomorrow to meet with my sons principal.  I want to switch his math teacher and the school is giving me heck about it.  I wrote a long letter to take with me illustrating all the reasons the teacher is not a good match for my son.  If the school won't bend I may have to do a home study math program.  I could really use some positive vibes over here.  Would you please send some my way? :)

What would I do without my paint box.  Painting has become my sanctuary.  
My sweet boy wrote the words 'Jenny's Paint Box'  I just love him!

Wishing you well and Happy!
With Love from Oregon,

work in progress


  1. Dearest sweet jenny, so sorry to hear things are very stressful for you. I hope everything just turn out well and good. Sending over lots of love and positive vibes!I love your paint box lots too! Thank YOU so much for your kind words on my interview on sweet Wini's blog. It made me smile and warms my heart! Have a lovely merry happy mid-week and love to you!

  2. Dear Jenny - don't our kids just tear at our hearts. Luckily the joy of being a parent over shadows the pain. I send you love and courage - thank goodness for art - it lifts us right out of the pain, helps us to work it out and brings us joy. LOVE to you

  3. I homeschooled Trent in History in 8th grade, and he was tutored in H.S for Math and did excellent. Just do what ya gotta do for your boy. Love ya!

  4. Hi Jenny, hope things work out really well regarding a new maths teacher... sending lots of positive vibes and hugs... love your paint box and your piece in progress... so gorgeous...

    take care
    Jenny x

  5. Firstly .... cooool banner! :)
    Nextly .... dude! Schools HATE parents advocating for their kids! Like fully HATE it. But you know what - the best thing you can do for him is ADVOCATE. I am so passionate about this and so thankful I have done it for both my girls. I tell ya... that school was SICK TO DEATH of me. But who cares because my daughter was happy with the outcome and was LEARNING. I learned to not care what they thought of me. you know I homeschool my Katie? Yup. Best thing I did for her!
    Don't stress. Channel your inner lion!

  6. Jenny--hope all goes well with you--you have to do what is best for your son--but you know that!
    Love your work and your banner too!

  7. I hope you have a good and productive meeting with the principal today. It's so hard when our kids are hurting in some way.

  8. Prayers going out here for a good resolution for your son and for it to go easily on you too. You are such a love ...

  9. Dear Jenny, I hope the school listens to you & things sort out! Sending you positive thoughts.
    I am going to peek around and look at your new artwork now. Take care! xo Theresa

  10. What a beautiful box and beautiful painting! Sorry you're having stress about your kids' school, but this too shall pass! math is so hard and it doesnt help when you dont mesh well with a teacher. I had a math class that I passed only because my teacher let me color geometric shape patterns that he displayed in his room...and yes, this was high school, lol! *hugs*

  11. I've been there, sister! I hope your meeting went well. Just remember, everyone wants your son to get the best education possible. It is tough to see that through the red tape sometimes. Hang in there, and yeah, Cool banner!

  12. Oh I hope today went well at school for you & your son...sending you big, huge Mama hugs! Love your new banner too!!

  13. Your going to make it trust me, I did!! Your just being a good mom, it's true mother knows best. I love that you have your paint box to dive into when you need a worldly break!!
    Good luck!!!

  14. positive vibes i send your way for sure!!! from one mama heart to another!! (i have two sons, in 7th and 10th grade, dear!) :)
    & i love your work in progress!!

  15. Thank you everyone! The meeting went really well, it made easier knowing my blog sisters were there with me in spirit. ♥♥♥

  16. good to hear things went just have to go with your gut. it doesn't matter what someone else know your son better than anybody. love your new banner and the box your son painted is precious. love you girl.

  17. dearest tender glad things went well for you I was sending the enveloping hugs and good vibes then realised I was a bit late...aaah well
    I shall continue sending them because they will never be surplus to requirement! :)
    Another beautiful girl in the's to your savour aka "Jenny's Paint box" Yayyy! xx

  18. Dearest Jenny,

    I just read your post and while your meeting is over by now, I hope that you received the results you wanted.

    This is the part of motherhood they never tell us about. The part that pulls on your heartstrings and turns you into a mama bear. I too had a rather difficult week this week with my son's school. One where I had to advocate on his behalf. It was very unsettling.

    Let your paint box continue to fill you up. Your work is emerging so beautifully Jenny. More and more I see the beauty of your heart shining through your work.

    I'm so happy to hear it went well. xo

  19. Jenny! Love your paint box - it's awesome! You sure CAN make art!

    Also; hope your stressers get relieved soon for you. Art always helps me when I'm stressed.

    Also - I have new Blog:

    If you'd like to make note - I'd appreciate it. I had serious trouble with Blogger. I can visit blogs and comment but cannot log into my own Blog to post! Blogger cannot remedy. xxoo


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