Saturday, September 17, 2011

Best coffee cake EVER!!!

Hello All!  I'm just barely getting into the swing of a new school year and still putting the house back together after many many summer projects.  Just wanted to share an amazing recipe with you today.  It really is the best coffee cake ever!  I found the recipe on the pioneer woman blog and had to try it out.  Warning:  If you're counting calories this is not for you. :) 

Mmmmmmm. You wanna make it don't you!   You can find the recipe HERE.  The recipe calls for whole milk but I used 1% and it still turned out great.  I'll be back later in the week with some art to share.  Sending love to you!


  1. Will you make this for me when I come to visit. Gluten free though.. :(

    I love the flowers in the background too!

  2. will you make it for me too? :)
    yummmmm looks tantalisingly delish!
    LOVE you new header too, so gorgeous seeing your beautiful ladies gathered...have they all popped over for cake too?! :D
    lovely to have you back sweet jen! xx

  3. Come on over girls, we'll eat cake and paint! Michele, I will have to do some research on a gluten free recipe. :)

  4. I would gain weight even reading the recipe. Eek.

  5. Hi Judy!
    Maybe next time we get together I'll make this instead of brownies! ;)


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