Friday, September 30, 2011

Portrait painting in progress...

Hello Blog Friends and fellow artists!
Just wanted to share a little progress of a painting I'm working on.   She's not perfectly proportioned but I just love how she's turning out.  I keep staring at her wondering what she's thinking.  This is actually the same painting from the picture in the previous post.  I've just kept adding more layers to her.  I used golden acrylics, gesso, caran d'ache crayons, and stabilo pencil.  Hope you like her too. :)

Thank you all for your encouragement on my last post.  School is going great!  Now I just need to worry about keeping the girls away.  I've had girls showing up at my house wanting to see him!  I'm so not ready for this.  Girls seem a lot bolder nowadays.  
Wishing you a Happy Weekend!
Love from Oregon,
My darling boy and Lucy the dog

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jenny's Paint Box

I have a tender heart tonight.  I'm feeling a bit, well a lot of stress at the moment. So much to do this year to get my daughter ready for college next year and my little guy is in junior high!  I'm dreading having to go to the school tomorrow to meet with my sons principal.  I want to switch his math teacher and the school is giving me heck about it.  I wrote a long letter to take with me illustrating all the reasons the teacher is not a good match for my son.  If the school won't bend I may have to do a home study math program.  I could really use some positive vibes over here.  Would you please send some my way? :)

What would I do without my paint box.  Painting has become my sanctuary.  
My sweet boy wrote the words 'Jenny's Paint Box'  I just love him!

Wishing you well and Happy!
With Love from Oregon,

work in progress

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Best coffee cake EVER!!!

Hello All!  I'm just barely getting into the swing of a new school year and still putting the house back together after many many summer projects.  Just wanted to share an amazing recipe with you today.  It really is the best coffee cake ever!  I found the recipe on the pioneer woman blog and had to try it out.  Warning:  If you're counting calories this is not for you. :) 

Mmmmmmm. You wanna make it don't you!   You can find the recipe HERE.  The recipe calls for whole milk but I used 1% and it still turned out great.  I'll be back later in the week with some art to share.  Sending love to you!