Thursday, August 4, 2011

Meet Gillian...

I meant to post this weeks ago but life has been all consuming lately with out of town visitors, family birthdays( including mine!), and some health issues.  My sweet boy is recovering from pneumonia!  Not to worry though, the medicine is working and he'll be bouncing off the walls again soon.  

Today I want to introduce you to Mixed Media Artist, Gillian Lee Smith.  I met Gillian in an online class this year and am so in love with her work.  She's one of those multi-talented artists who can draw, paint, sculpt, who knows what else...She's amazing!  I've been going back to THIS piece again and again.  I would love to buy it if I could save up the money.
Gillian is also a survivor.  She battled breast cancer last year and she's doing great!  
If you have a moment I hope you'll take some time to visit Gillian HERE where she shares a bit about her story and how she's giving back! 

Sending Love to you!

artwork & photo by Gillian Lee Smith


  1. I know life gets busy sometimes! And a happy birthday to you,I love her work,its so dreamy.

  2. Thanks for sharing Jenny! Hope you had a wonderful birthday and that your boy is feeling much better. It's no fair being sick during summer vacation!

  3. Thanks for the introduction to her work... and yours! I came here via a random blog hop. I love to do that sometimes - you find the most interesting people!

  4. Hey Jenny, belated happy birthday and glad your son is better. x

  5. Hey Jenny! Been missing you. Hope you're managing to catch a breath in between all your busyness and that your boy is bouncing back to full and vibrant health.
    Thankyou for the beautiful introduction..I am away to visit Gillian and all her goodness.
    Happy happy belated birthday HUGS xx


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