Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!!

It's sunny here today as we celebrate our independence!  My sweetie made his annual trip this weekend to get the good fireworks.  He and my son can't wait for tonight, they're both a couple of pyros.  I've got family descending from out of town so it'll be a fun day!  
Here's some new paintings I finished this last week.  The 1st one shows the step by step progression.  She was a bit scary until I finally gave her some hair.  It was driving my daughter nuts.  She kept walking by saying, "when are you gonna paint some hair, she's freaking me out."  

I started out with a background first this time.  I usually can't wait to paint the face so it was nice to have a background already done.  I need to start doing that way I think.  

Next came the under painting, she looks a bit like humpty dumpty here.

a little color...

finally some hair, my daughter is happy.

refining the do.

a dress, pearls, and some words from my heart...she's done!

I named her Estelle after a friend of mine.  She was a birthday gift.

I started this little lady in red late Saturday night.  She was inspired by one of Misy Mawn's paintings.

Here she is all finished and in the shop.  I really like her!
sold 7/19/11

I want to paint some more today but I must clean the house to get ready for company.  
Wishing my American friends a safe and happy holiday!
Happy Painting my friends!!!


  1. Beautiful progression of a gorgeous painting. I really love the girl in red too!

  2. Jenny, I love seeing the progress of the painting!! Came out great! And the lady in red is so pretty! Love the red with the grey background! Enjoy the rest of your day! :)

  3. Oh Jenny..Sweet Girl, Your Paintings Are Precious! Loved How You Shared Your Process! Hope You And Your Family Enjoyed A Fabulous Fourth! Sending Some Love & Sunshine, Terri

  4. Too funny about your daughter freaking out about the hair! She's beautiful and I enjoyed seeing the progress,also love the other one too.

  5. i just love the girls
    that swim out of your
    paintbrush hand...
    they are so kind & lovely..
    i send kisses to their cheeks. xx

  6. I love the lady in red as well. :) I enjoy your posts. - Jenni

  7. i really like her as well!

  8. i love your work.

    can't wait until my kids are old enough not to get into my art supplies every time i try to be creative. ;)


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