Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thank you Joanne Rose!!! & around here lately...

Happy Thursday my friends!  I want to tell you about a very special person today: The talented Joanne Rose. I met Joanne through my online class with Misty Mawn.  As much as I love the classes I take, the friends you meet along the way really make it so incredibly special.  Joanne is a talented artist and photographer.  She's one who sees the beauty in the everyday and captures it on canvas or through the lens.  Oh and she's also tech savvy!  Thanks to Joanne I have my blog back!!!  She offered to help get me back online expecting nothing in return, just happy to support another artist.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart sweet sister. 
This blog has become such a big part of my life and I really didn't want to let go.

Life has been pretty good here, making lots of art and taking another online class.  I'ts the plaster studio workshop with Judy Wise and Stephanie Lee.  Lots of fun so far, I can see this plaster business is going to be addictive.  I'm making a big old mess over here.  Here's a few pics of what I've been working on lately.  
Sending love to you my friends!

This is Minnie.  She is now flying off to her new home in Michigan.

This little collage is Louise, I really like her! 

This is a technique I'm learning in my new class, cracked plaster on muslin.  
You're supposed to use burlap but I didn't have any so I improvised. 

Some messy plastery layers.  Just had fun adding and scratching away layers.
Is plastery a word???

this is the beginning of a faux fresco piece.  

Love Love Love playing with my new plaster tools!


  1. Congratulations on the painting sale Jenny!! She is wonderful - and I am so glad that you have your blog back - I am so un-techy - fine when everything is working, clueless when someting isn't. The plaster workshop looks like such fun! I didn't quite have the pennies but am hoping they repeat it in the future as I would love to give it a try - your works in progress look wonderful! x x x

  2. pheweeee! So glad to have you back! Bloggy land has been a cold and lonely place without you :)Here's to computer savvy friends with big hearts xx
    Ps Gorgeous paintings...LOVE love your beautiful wistful girlies. x

  3. Oooh LOVE all the different textures. Im in that class too but am soooo behind on life at the moment! Hoping to catch up very soon. xxx

  4. i love you work jenny. i think it is as sweet as your soul. i too love joanne rose. she wrote to me and was so sweet! i am glad you are back! xo carlanda

  5. Hi Jenny,
    I`d wish I were in the plaster workshop too but I considered it too late. I think I will buy the book at least. Keep on telling about the workshop, please. It`s very interesting. From me also congratulations for the sale.

  6. oh, it's so wonderful to see your lovely art back up again, and am so happy to have been able to help... ... and hooray for the sale of your painting!!! so much to celebrate on your blog today.

    if all that wasn't enough a fun class too... all smiles over here :)

  7. Hi Jenny! Missed you here in blogland! Glad to see you are back! Congrats on the sale! And they are all so lovely! :)

  8. A big Congratulations on selling one of your paintings! I love what you're doing in the plaster class! Sounds like fun.

  9. Oh Jenny--I am loving all of this--I need to get my book out (Plaster Studio) and actually look inside--I JUST LOVE what you're doing!

  10. thanks for sharing the new processes you are learning. Working with plaster looks like a lot of fun and you can get a whole lot of different looks - mmm something to try. Yes - the online world can introduce us to so many wonderful people. Where i live I don't know too many creative types and working all day just doesn't give one the opportunity to meet people but through this media one can connect with so many like minded people and people are so nice!

  11. Yes plastery is now a word. Nice to see you in the plaster class. I am making a mess and having fun too!

  12. wonderful posting,
    i must say!


    your plaster looks

    {{ i am in your workshop
    having a plaster~y mess myself }}

  13. Hi Jenny. I'm taking Judy's class with you and followed your link. Your blog is beautiful and I'm now a follower! I'm loving all of your faces. I want to work on mine more so I can become more comfortable and confident. I'll definitly be back. Have a great day!


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