Friday, May 20, 2011

Something new needs a name...

Sending love to all you sweet sisters that left a kind word on my last post. I'm feeling better today. Something happened this week and the whole family is smiling...except the kitty. She is so ticked right now. We got a doggy!!! We've talked about it off and on for awhile but I never thought it would happen. My hubby has a coworker that mentioned they just didn't have time for their dog and were planning to take her to the shelter. Long story short, instead of going to the shelter she was adopted by us. This is so new to me, I've never had a dog before. She is sweetie and she fits right in with us. I'm hoping that she and kitty will be the best of friends eventually.

I need your help to give her a name. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment. :)

Here's my precious boy with his new best friend. He's so good with her.

I promised I'd share a few art pics on my last post. I haven't had much time for art play lately, a little here and a little there. I've been playing with wax and texture and doodling faces.

I embedded baby's breath in the wax, I think it looks cool.
Here's the same piece with some color

Just a little face I doodled on scrap paper
I named her June

This one is a 3/4 portrait for Jane DesRossiers class
Her head is a little bulbous but I really like her.
I'm thinking about framing her for the house.

Thank you again for the love you share. I'm so thankful for my artsy sisters!
Sending love to you,


  1. Jenny,
    glad you are feeling better! I dream of having a puppy some day when I am living somewhere permanently & have the space. They do bring such joy, don't they? Interesting what you are doing with the flowers & wax. Someday I will dabble in mixed media, but for now I am hooked on the clay... not enough time for ALL our creative pursuits!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Jenny! Congratulations on your new family member! I like people names for my pets.... but I'm sure you'll choose the perfect name to go with that adorable face :)

    Love your new work... What a great idea with the baby's breath :)

  3. Loving the art...especially June. :) GORGEOUS!

    Ohhh...doggy names! Is she Shih Tzu?? I like all the usual girl names for girly Rose, or Lucy. But I also like chinese names for shih Mei which means beauty. :)

    Got your message...will get back to you! Much love ♥

  4. OMGosh that is the cutest dog!!! How could they even think of taking her to the shelter - I'm SO GLAD you got her - darling!! I am a big dog lover, she looks like "Daisy" to me. Have to tell you a funny story, a good friend of mine had 2 small children and they BEGGED for a dog and she let them name it anything they wanted. They did - her name is Chicken Noodle Soup - we laughed for ages over it but she let them do it and they now call her Chicken Little and everyone knows that dog!! Hilarious.

  5. oh my goodnes...i love the name daisy!! congrats! how adorable!!!
    so thankful you're feeling better!
    lovelovelove X

  6. Your puppy is so adorable,puppies always bring smiles. I don't know of any names that I can think of sorry. Love the flowers embedded into the piece.Very cool! Also love your sketches.Glad youre feeling better!

  7. Happy you are feeling better. Love your new addition to your family! They make best friends for sure. Your art, here, is fabulous; love the baby's breath in the wax! And; your portraits are wonderful!

  8. How about the name, Trixie or Trix...I like the spunky tone in this name. And I'm glad to see you've been busy doing all kinds of cool art.

  9. Hi Jenny - good to visit your blog - love the last drawing of this post - it is intriguing.

  10. Oh so glad you are feeling a lift...and what a wonderful wee and smiles comes in the form of a gorgeous hairy bundle :)awww!
    My eldest is the best at coming up with names..we've had a hamster called little foo and a fish called shaniqua (to name a few!!)I'm pretty rubbish so I'll not embarass myself! :)
    LOOOOVE your sketches and the lovely wash of colours over the wax...
    hope the smiles remain xxxx hugs

  11. I LOVE PUPPIES!!! How about Darla? As soon as I saw her this name popped up! I'm so excited for you and your family as you make room for your new furry family member. Have fun! Dogs rock! xo

  12. your new doggie looks so cute! you've already said she was a "sweetie" so maybe that? your art is absolutely wonderful! Your faces are quite folk art...very real old folk art look to it!

  13. i love your work. i am so happy that we found one another. need to get your blog in my reader so i can keep up!

  14. love your sweet puppy. I'll have to check out that face class!


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