Sunday, April 10, 2011

in the stillness...

it's sunday night and the kiddos are asleep or at least they're supposed to be. any moment now one of them is bound to call out for a drink of water. we had a busy busy weekend with baseball for my son and prom night for my daughter. i was itching to paint and finally got a little time today! i've been fighting negative feelings lately about my work as an artist. i was a little stressed about a piece that i donated for a silent auction yesterday wondering if anyone would bid on it and what people would think of it. i knew i just needed to have some creative time and get over it already. a blog friend of mine has a birthday coming up so i decided to paint something for her. i wanted to do something with a bird and a little poem i wrote. i started out collaging bits of paper on a canvas board, then i added broken egg shells to the bottom. i wanted to add a ruffly detail so i cut off the edge of a ruffled blouse i don't wear anymore and adhered it with gel medium. i gessoed over it, added some color, bird, eggs, feather, and my poem. i wrote the words more than once trying not to slant the sentences but my writing always slopes to the left so that's how it will stay. i covered the piece with dorland's wax and left it to dry. i'm so happy i finished in one day! i hope the birthday girl likes it.
the poem reads:

in the stillness of morning
i hear the birds
and i know my voice

i also wanted to share with you these darling birdies that came in the mail the other day. my friend maki has made 1000 birds in an effort to raise funds for japan. if you would like to help maki help japan go HERE for more information.

thank you for visiting me, your comments lift me up and keep me smiling!
Much to love to you,


  1. Beautiful piece Jenny!!--a very cool birthday gift--love the details you put into it.
    P.S. Don't ever doubt your work--but this happens to all of us--I ALWAYS think this way--so I try to listen to what I tell others.

  2. Gorgeous work as always Jenny!

    Don't doubt yourself - you are talented, beautiful and kind and your art reflects all these things in you. You have so much to offer.

  3. So darling Jenny... love everything about it... the ruffle is such a sweet element as are the beautiful words... am sure your friend will love it...

    Your work is gorgeous and full of inspiration...

    Have a happy week...
    Jenny x

  4. what a lovely gift/message!
    it FEELS like bird song.

  5. Your friend will LOVE her piece! The poem is awesome! Beautiful. We all have our doubts as artists or fledgling artists. I think the important thing is just to continue working through the doubts til you get to the other side!
    :) I'll be over to check out your friends work!

  6. Jenny this is lovely! Thanks for sharing your process! Amazing piece! She will no doubt love it! xo

  7. Jenny this is such a pretty card and seeing how it evolved makes it even better still. Real egg shells? they don't smell? LOL
    I hope not. Love the texture of them and the ribbon. Your drawing is great, and so is the poem. I cannot see much of a slant at all. And if it's there well, it's just that much more of YOU in the gift. She surely will love it so much.
    I do.
    Hugs xoxo

    PS The little birds for Japan are sweet too.

    And prom night! Wow. I just wrote about the one I went to in 1958 on my blog! LOL memories.

  8. I love the poem, and the whole thing actually! It does feel like a birdsong. Those egg shells add a neat texture/pattern to the bottom!

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  10. Lovely work Jenny. You are so generous to share your work. Think of you so often now ... :-D

  11. That turned out so cool! I love all the textures and ruffle. You have talent Jenny, self doubt is the worst! Keep nurturing your art and your confidence. xo Theresa

  12. Your painting is beautiful Jenny and I'm sure she will LOVE it! I often struggle with my day I love it and the next I feel like torching it all... You are not alone on this creative journey. You will find firm footing soon...and when you start to teeter, we will pick you up and remind you just how talented you are. Keep painting.xox

  13. Hi Jenny!
    I just ran across your blog for the first time! I love your artwork. So Beautiful!
    It sounds silly, but it was fun to find that your last name is "Wentworth" because that's my maiden name :) Infact you can still see "Wentworth" as my watermark on some of my art (I've only been a "Shearer" for a couple years) .. Anyway, so nice to find you. I love your page!!! I look forward to your future posts!
    ~:Diana xo

  14. I love your painting Jenny! Very textural and birds are always my favorite! Thanks for sharing! I understand what you're saying about the inner critic; kick it to the curb! You're very talented! xxoo

  15. I love what you made your friend; she will love it~! I go through this and now know it is part of the creative process~

    Keep pushing through the darkness!
    Love the cute little birds; what a wonderful cause~

    Hope you are having a happy week!

  16. Jenny, that is such a gorgeous collage. I love the poem. It absolutely spoke to me.

  17. Oh Jenny your birdies are just beautiful...especially your wonderful creation...I love that there are egg shells and ruffles hiding in there amongst your touching words and beautiful art.
    Please don't doubt yourself and the voice you is unique, wonderful and truly YOU! XX

  18. Talented Jenny..Your Gift Is STUNNING! So Thoughtful And Sweet! Friend, Your Work Is Truly Wonderful..Please Know It Touches My Spirit Each Time I Look Upon Something You've Created! If I'm Feeling The Love..So Are Other's! What A Beautiful Tribute To Your Friend ~ And To "Us" Each Time We Visit You. Sending You Splashes Of Gorgeous Georgia Sunshine Today, Terri

  19. This is just beautiful ! Your friend is one lucky girl !
    I think we all have self-doubt about our art at some point. I like to try and remember that it is the art making itself that I truly love about being an artist. When I keep my focus there and not on what I produce or on what others will think about what I produce, I am a much happier camper. I also seem to create more freely and the "good stuff" just appears. Just keep doing what you love, you Artist You !


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