Sunday, April 3, 2011

Art, friends, and a brownie recipe...

Hello Friends! I have some beautiful local art to share with you!

My friends Judy, Ruth, and I went to an art demo in Portland the other day.

Pictured below is the work of Kristin Fritz. She makes these beautiful pieces using

brown paper grocery bags and walnut ink!

Here's one of her pieces in progress.

Next is the work of Tangie Belmore. Tangie works with collage, raw silk, and cement to create scrumptious textures. Her pieces are really large and it makes me wanna play with a giant canvas. This piece is silk and cement, even more beautiful in person. This is a collage process she was demonstrating. She buys gel medium by they gallon for the size of collage she does.
Here's Ruth, Me, and Judy. Not a very good photo(sorry)

I love spending time with these ladies! They are both Uber talented, fun,

and always inspiring! Be sure to check out their blogs.

Finally I want to share a yummy "semi healthy" brownie recipe!

Black Bean Brownies

1 package Ghiradelli Double Chocolate Brownie Mix(or any mix really)

1 can black beans rinsed and drained

Empty mix into bowl and set aside

Put the rinsed black beans back into the can

and fill it with water til it just covers the beans

pour beans/water into blender and puree

Add bean puree to brownie mix, stir and bake

according to package directions.

After brownies have cooled I like to frost them with homemade chocolate icing.

This may sound a little strange but I promise they are REALLY good and a little healthier than your average brownie. You won't be disappointed. :)

Wishing you all a happy art filled week!

Much Love,



  1. Wow - such beautiful art you shared... I love the textures!

    (I've made those brownies before - they really are quite good :) )


  2. oh, what a fun outing! I always find that I get super inspired when I'm around others' creativity. Sounds like a great trip :)

  3. How cool that you had this fabulous time with such lovely people! ☺☺

    And those brownies.....I reckon anything would taste good with Ghiradelli chocolate! I am going to try those but GF of course!

    Much love to you sweet girl!

  4. Gorgeous and beautiful art... plenty of inspiration there.... and so lovely to share with friends... nice pic too...
    The brownies sound interesting Jenny... I might have to try them...

    Have a great week...
    Jenny x

  5. Jenny!! Wow! Thanks for sharing the work of these great artists! I love all of these pieces! Sounds like you had a blast!

    And I may just have to try that brownie recipe! Sounds yummy and anything chocolate is my weakness! lol

  6. I can attest to how good the brownies are... thanks for the recipe Jenny! It was such a fun evening... thanks for spending it with us :)
    xo Ruth

  7. How fun; Love the art work! I have made brownies like this; They are great!!! So glad you are getting out n' about! Sharing art with friends is the best~xXx

  8. Thanks for sharing art AND brownie love! You ladies look like you had a great time. I've got a thing for brown paper bags, so I am loving this artwork!! Beautiful stuff.

  9. What a very fun and perfect day out!
    I think I might have to try this recipe--thanks!!

  10. Wow this ladies are making incredible art! Thanks so much for sharing Jenny! I hope you are well and finding time to create lots! x

  11. Beautiful art to share with us - thank you. Also - the brownie recipe sounds awesome - thank you!

  12. Melinda in SeattleApril 10, 2011 at 9:06 AM

    What a fun time in Portland with the girls!! Thanks for the brownie recipe - think I will make them today.

  13. I seriously need to try those brownies!
    and my oh my what amazing artists! I was just talking about how I need to find something no one has done that even possible? maybe using coffee creamer and glue. lol
    sigh. sometimes I feel like what I do is so NOT interesting.....
    and lately I've really wanted to try my hand at painting...but I resist. don't know why.
    I love hearing about your adventures!


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