Friday, February 18, 2011


I'm an old fashioned girl at heart...I have been reading Jane Eyre and watching the BBC version. I love the language, the clothes, the order of things. I often think I was born in the wrong time.
I'm swept away with it all.
In Misty Mawn's class she talked about finding what inspires you and painting it. That's what I've been trying to do lately. When I hear a song that touches me or a picture in a magazine, I'm writing it down/cutting it out and saving it for inspiration!
Jane Eyre is the inspiration for the painting I'm sharing here today.
I had so much fun playing with a larger canvas and the easel my husband gave me for Christmas!

I started out just layering images, transfers, and tissue paper.

I wanted to add text from the novel so I wrote a portion of the novel on tissue paper trying to emulate Charlotte Bronte's handwriting and adhered it to the canvas.

Next came Jane♥

Close up of some detail. Before I laid the color down I added some lace under the moth
It's hard to see but I like the way it makes the wings appear so delicate.

I made a miniature piece from a photo I took.

More closeups, I love these partial face pictures.

I really wanted a few photos with a part of me in them.

And here is the finished Jane! She's more vibrant in person, I didn't have good lighting for this one. After finally finishing this piece I felt a bit drained. I've been kind of a slug the last couple of days. Anyone else ever feel like that after finishing a piece of art? I'm trying to get back on track today, I've got to stop eating M&M's and exercise. It's pouring down rain here but I've got some good music playing to lift my mood.

Wishing you Happiness Today and Always!


  1. Oh Jenny, your mixed media painting is GORGEOUS... I really loved seeing pics of the process... and how wonderful to include your handwriting... Jane is a beautiful piece of art...

    Jenny x

  2. she is really gorjuss Jenny!!!

    i love how you took photos through out the process and shared with us your passion behind this creation.

    i especially dig the pics with your hand on her face!!!

    happy weekend....hope you get some sunshine!

  3. I really like your Jane and the way you have dressed her-the handwritten text for the book also.

  4. Hey Jenny!

    She is so beautiful! Wow!

    I am still going through Misty's class as well. I am so grateful to her for all she has taught me! Amazing! My house looks like a cyclone went through it tho, and my daughter cannot find her clothes. Hmmmm....pile of dirty laundry maybe?

    As for the birdy sketches...I will see what I can do! ♥

  5. Oh, Jenny I love this piece, so reflective~ I liked your pics and your insight!

    I know what you mean, it is being swept away to another time n' era...

    Happy Weekend! <3

  6. Hi Jenny,
    you're not the only one who feel like perhaps they were born at the wrong time. I've felt that about several time frames. Read J.E. a long time ago, but remember really enjoying the book- how fun bringing her into your art- what a interesting process, and cool results. And yes, I feel that way if I have been "working" at creating all day... because I tend to get so focused I forget to get outside, and yes, eat too much chocolate!
    Have a nice weekend!

  7. Hi Jenny, This turned out so beautiful! Yes, its a happy tired/drained. Honestly the rain isn't helping either. I am lucky we took a short late afternoon trip to the beach prior to the rain. I need to get back to painting I have been doing more photography this past week. Happy weekend to you~
    I am a period junkie via movies, but I am ready to read some now!

  8. you're a natural jenny! it looks lovely and love all the pieces you took from your inspiration.

  9. Absolutely Beautiful! Your artwork is amazing, and I enjoyed looking at the process in which you created it. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Beautiful work, So good to see the work in progress too!!

    Micki x

  11. i love jane from all these angles...
    i love her on a bus
    & in a tree,
    on a train...
    she is so good,
    so good you see!
    oh jenny, the whole making process
    you share sounds so inspiring!
    love to you & your hand! xox

  12. Jenny! Thanks for stopping by my Blog and following. I will surely do same here. You are a wonderfully, talented artist and I love your process here. Beautiful results and so moving! Best to you..........Marilyn

  13. Beautiful-Beautiful-Beautiful!! She makes me smile :)

  14. I love, love, love what you are doing in your art! This looks amazing. I too love the delicate wings, the writing and layering.

    There is something rather sumptuous about the whole Jane Eyre era I know what you mean :)

    Look forward to seeing more of your work . . .


  15. Jenny, your work has really matured over this last year; found your voice, I think. The partial portraits are especially intriguing. Thanks for showing.

  16. very pretty! I'm a lover of jane eyre as well and did my own portrait not too long ago. Its such a moody and dark story. a perfect one for inspiration!~ this is very lovely :)

  17. What a beautiful painting Jenny! I love the smaller partial faced paintings, too. :)

  18. The Jane Eyre 2006 DVD is my favorite adaptation. Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens was spectacular in that version. It would be hard topping that but I'm looking forward to watching the 2011 film nonetheless. :)

  19. Woweeee Jenny from Oregon!! What a beautiful journey you have taken me on...seeing the different stages and watching Jane emerge. She is beautiful and so are you :)
    Huge LOVE being sent to you xx

  20. I love this Jenny - you'ver really captured Jane Eyre - tiny and seemingly frail - but strong and determined beyond belief. Please keep up showing your process - I find it really helpful in my own work...hopefully I'll have some wonderful stuff to show off in August! Best to you!

  21. Jenny, I love the texture and the colors...and the partial color of her face...
    And the butterfly!....and the bird....and...and...and......

  22. Love the layered details and the portrait is very "Jane."

  23. i love the idea of being inspired by jane eyre, so beautiful jenny xx

  24. Oh Jenny..Your Composition Is Excellent! LOVE IT! I Too Have A Thing For "Jane" And You Did Her Proud Sweet Lady! BEAUTIFULLY DONE! Hey..I Also Truly Enjoyed The Photos Showing Your Progress With Each Phase! Got A Good Chuckle When You Pointed Out That You Needed To Back Off The M&M's. :)) I've Been Hittin' Those New Sneakers With Almonds! The Ones In The Tiny Wrappers. Chocolate Saves Everything Doesn't It? Have A Great Week Sweet Lady! Hugs Of Southern Sunshine, Terri

  25. You have an amazing eye for this! It is truly impressive. Good work!

  26. Wow -- Jane is looking great! Well done... I admit I finally read that book last year and really enjoyed it.

    I'm loving your partial faces as well. Would love to hear what the inspiration for those is...

    I think it's normal to be a little flat after a big outpouring of creativity. Exercise is definately the cure!! Best wishes from Germany!!

  27. Hello again Jenny...

    I received a blog award which I am passing onto you... this is the link if you would like to play along...

    Jenny x

  28. WOW your blog shows many fabulous art works. You are very talented.I've
    found your blog by Jenny and her awarding also to me.
    Have a nice weekend,
    Anja from germany

  29. Oooeeeh! THat is just wonderful, and seeing your process too. Well done lady! I love the book too :)

  30. wonderful! and how great to see the steps from background to finish.

  31. Love to see the process. That's one thing I forget to do when I'm making a painting -- take pictures as I go along. Thanks for sharing.

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