Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year changes and a WIP

It 's my first post of the New Year! I've got some exciting news...
I cut my my work schedule to part time so I'll only be working 2 & 1/2 days a week!
I've really had a strong pull lately to be home more with my family and to have more time in my studio. It means less money, but I really feel good about it.
I'm also really thrilled to be starting a new class on Monday with the lovely and
talented Misty Mawn! I got a new sketch pad and some new supplies
and I'm ready to go!

I leave you with a few pics of a work in progress. She is 16x20 on canvas.
I am so thankful my sweetheart got me an easel for Christmas, I love it!

Hope your first week of the New Year was a Happy One.
Much Love to you all and thank you so much for
the kindness on my last post. :)



  1. Wowee Jenny! Celebrations and congratulations to cutting your work and allowing more time for your art and your heart.
    What a fantastic way to start your year. :)Yay!
    And what a beautiful work in progress...I love the feeling that your girl pieces invoke..very serene and far away.... xx

  2. Your art is so beautiful! I am so pleased that you have more time to do what you love!

    Eek!!!! I am so excited for Misty's class! I hope I can keep up!

  3. Really lovely to see the progression in this painting. And YAY to more time in your studio... xxx

  4. I always love seeing the process, and I also love how you've grown as an artist in just a short amount of time. Misty's class sounds wonderful--keep us posted!!

  5. Hooray for more time with family and your art! Enjoy the new year!

  6. I'm so excited about misty's class too,I can't wait. Love seeing your girl in progress. And thats good that you have more time to do what you love!

  7. i think the woman
    being painted
    into being
    is deeply thankful
    that you are
    rearranging your life
    so she can too
    have life
    (& look at
    how stunning
    she is!).

  8. How exciting to be taking Misty's class & getting able to be home more. I love seeing your work in progress. Happy New Year Jenny ~Theresa

  9. Congrats Jenny, A class with Misty how fab! I love the progression of your work, the eyes in this piece are hauntingly beautiful~xXx

  10. What an exciting move for you! I'm planning to go part time at my job in July, I can't wait :)

  11. Jenny thank you so much for visiting my blog - I am glad that it has led me to yours too! Congratulations for managing to cut your hours and focus more on the things you want to do. Referring to your last post - anything is possible!!

  12. Hi Jenny, I am visiting you after seeing your blog address on FB at Misty Mawns. Where abouts do you live. We lived in Keizer, just north of Salem. Now in So. Calif and loving it.

  13. Jenny, she reminds me of a geisha girl... I love her! As I'm learning art through Misty, my heart's desire and intention is to draw geisha's. I just found the one that Misty has on her site as pics we can draw... she is my next project for this week :-)

    I can't wait to see your finished project.

  14. sis...SHE IS WONDERFUL. i love her. i am so super excited for you to have been able to cut back your work hours. what a blessing my dear. can.t wait to see all the wonderfulness that comes from your new free time.
    loves to you.

  15. Hi Jenny. Lovely to visit you at your blog! I love this portrait.


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