Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Waxy studio weekend...

I have been in such a good mood thanks to my totally amazing waxy weekend!
After spending two art filled days with these lovely ladies it was hard to go back to reality.
Everyone got along so well and we all genuinely enjoyed each others company.
Judy is so kind and made us all feel so welcome in her home. We didn't want to leave.
Pictured top row from left to right: Barbara, Melinda, and me.
Bottom row left to right: Judy and Ruth.
Melinda and I were too giggly here to get a clear shot. :)
Judy taught us to paint a portrait made entirely of wax. Mine is pictured below.

This one is Ruth's(my table buddy)
She is a really talented artist and super fun too!
This one is Barbara's. We all decided to name her
Cindy. I love her.
This last one was done by Melinda, I think we all
did amazing especially considering it was something
we've never done before.
This a collage made by Ruth, sorry it's sideways.
It turned out beautiful.
Some waxy collages by Melinda.
I made this little collage. I was thinking of my husband when I
picked out the words. ♥
Imagine spending two wonderful days surrounded by Judy's
amazing paintings and her adorable little sculpey dolls.
The next few pics are all Judy's art.

Here's Judy nudging and encouraging us.

Ruth my table buddy working on a collage.
Me working on my portrait. I was cold working so close to the door
so Judy kindly covered my shoulders with a really soft jacket.
She totally took care of us. I just love her.

Happy Happy to have new art friends!

Judy and I.

I feel like I'm bursting with love, I'm on cloud 9! I feel so incredibly inspired by Judy
and these dear ladies and I learned so much!
Much Love,


  1. Wow Jenny, this is waxtacular!! I've always wanted to learn how to do encaustic stuff. Very cool!! Happy creations from germany, tj

  2. Looks like lots of love and fun were passed around over the weekend. Doesn't your spirit feel so good after a weekend like that??

  3. The whole weekend--heaven--everything about it!!

  4. i am smitten
    with the love
    of wax.
    each piece,
    & love the
    on your collage.

  5. thank you for a perfect weekend. and see you again soon :-D

  6. Jenny, You've really captured the essence of our weekend. I'm pinching myself that I was so lucky to participate :) It was a joy to meet you & get to know your sweet spirit! Thank you for the music on day 2 :) and for being such a great table-mate!

  7. Wow. I am so green with envy for your weekend! Your piece is stunnin!

  8. Jenny! The weekend was fantastic - the peanut butter and jelly sandwich -- divine...and you are a delight! I love your art and plan on gettin' me a piece of it! I learned so much from Judy and also from you, Ruth and Barbara. You inspire Seattle this year you will find me "sustaining the fantasy"!!!

  9. Again, I must have commented on Judy's blog and when I saw these wonderful works of art thought I had already been here. Oh dear!
    Your art is stupendous!!!OH my and the the others all did beautiful work. Yes, feeling Judy's love is divine! So happy for you.

  10. OH MY! I LOVE your wax portrait...A lot!
    What an amazing time you one is more deserving.

  11. How fabulous~ I am so happy for you!


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