Friday, November 19, 2010

It's Friday and it's gonna be an awesome weekend!!!

Happy Friday! How's everybody doing? Anyone going to see the new Harry Potter? I have a brother coming to town next week so I am waiting to see it with him. I really wanted to go to the midnight premiere last night but I was just too tired. Things are so busy lately it all seems to be rushing past in a blur. I did squeeze in a little time to paint though. The picture below is a view of my very messy art table. You can see why my husband is very happy that the kitchen table has been reclaimed for dinner time.
This weekend I'm taking part in a mini art retreat with Judy Wise and a couple other artists
at Judy's studio!!! I'm so excited! I hope to soak in some amazing creative mojo.
Details on my upcoming giveaway will be coming soon...Stay tuned!
Wishing you all well and happy!
Much Love,


  1. Hi Jenny, Nice WIP! So awesome you get to do the mini retreat! Can't wait to hear all about it. Yes, we are wanting to see the new Harry Potter! My 8yr old daughter asked can I wear my (HP) costume & hat? Of course, but you'll have to hold your hat at the movie. lol Can't wait to see it!
    Have a wonderful weekend~Theresa

  2. Wow, Jenny! She is BEAUTIFUL! Have a fun weekend!

  3. Oh I am so jealous/envious that you will be sitting in Judy's studio. Please give her a hug from me Jenny. Please!!! I thought about going, but after A & S so soon, the cost was prohibitive for me. How fun it would have been to show up and have you there too. ;-)
    I know you will have so much fun.
    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!
    Oh and brother and Harry Potter too when you get to that.

  4. Jenny she looks lovely already! Can't wait to see her finished! Have fun at the art retreat!! :)

  5. I love her eyes they just seem to jump out at you love it

  6. I FINALLY decoded I am going to read the Harry Potter series starting TOMORROW!

  7. yes! myself & family saw harry potter this weekend & LOVED it/thought is was pOwerful!!!
    how great about your retreat & love the girls you paint!!!
    lots of love to you. xoxox

  8. How fun Jenny; I love your art and that you are enJOYing the process~

    How much fun it will be to share
    Harry Potter with your brother~


  9. Jenny, It was such a pleasure to spend the weekend with you! I feel like I have a new friend in the art world, as well as a whole new set of skills :) Wasn't it dreamy? Hope you find plenty of time to create in the busy weeks ahead :)

  10. Sending Big Hugs to you all!!!

    Teresa-it was such an amazing weekend, I learned so much! I'm seeing HP on Friday, I can't wait either. I loved the books so much.

    Michele-thank you my friend. :)

    Lynn-You were there in spirit for sure, I gave Judy a squeeze for you. :)

    Cathy! Thank you, I'll be working on her, thanks for the encouragement. :)

    Trena, thanks for the kind words!:)

    Rachel- Thank you so much for your love and kind words! So excited for Harry Potter!

    Ellie, thank you! I'm so glad to call you my friend. :)

    Ruth, you are amazing and so much fun! I loved being your table buddy and getting to know you. I'm thankful to have a new art friend!♥


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