Thursday, October 21, 2010


I was able to get out to my studio(aka: the garage) tonight to play with my paints!
I've noticed that I start to get cranky if too much time goes by without getting paint on my hands. I so wish I had more time to be creative. I'm workin on it.
Here's my current work in progress. My kids think she looks a bit scary without her eyes painted in. I really like seeing the progression of a painting so I thought I'd share what I've finished so far.
I'm thinking about doing a giveaway here on my blog in the next few weeks.
I feel really lucky to have been the recipient of some fabulous goodies and I wanna give back.
To those of you that have signed on to follow my blog: Thank you! I'm glad to have you here!
I'm so thankful for this blog community!


  1. What a beautiful picture of you...your smile is bright and full of glee. And I love the beginnings of your painted lady, especially her sassy hairdo.

  2. Looks very promissing. :) Love that you started with black background.

  3. Ahhh the photo of you above is lovely. :-) and your girl looks like shes coming along fabulously - im not very good with drawing faces so really admire others such as yourself who are so natural at it. Have a great weekend xx

  4. good morning pretty lady! your woman does not scare me, I look forward to seeing her gain vision and grow! fun to see your work space. and yes, the blog community is a new life that gives and gives and gives! I love it too.

  5. Two incredibly gorgeous girls! Your smile makes me want to smile too!

  6. she is a beauty; I love the wind breezing through her hair...

  7. You look so contented, and it shows in your art. I'm so glad that you share with us!

  8. I love it! good work cant wait for the give away!

  9. I can't wait to see the finished painting...I can tell it will be lovely!

  10. i agree- great photo of you-

    and your girl looks great so far! can't wait to see the finished product...and eyes! :)

  11. loving it, cant wait to see more of your progress xx

  12. You look so happy and it shows, you glow! I love seeing the progression; She is really lovely~ I love the colors you chose and her curious
    expression! xXx

  13. She is beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing.

    I found your blog through Mati Rose's comment section. I'll be back, for sure.

    Rock on,

  14. hey jenny thanks for all the support i love your blog hopefully in the future i can interview you for my blog send me a email i couldnt find it on your blog ( or maybe I'm not looking good enough) lol!

  15. ohhh yum!
    how cute are you!!!
    when are you going to utah next.
    i need to give you a big squeeeze one of these days my dear!

  16. Jenny do you EVER look anything but ridiculously cute in photos??! :D

    I REALLY like your painting, what a great style you have, nice work!

    Looking forward to your giveaway, maybe if you aren't in it I might win something ;)



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