Saturday, October 30, 2010

Here's a little piece of our rainy day at the pumpkin patch.

Tonight the kids were in serious concentration mode as they carved away at their pumpkins.
I think they turned out awesome.
Wishing you and yours a safe and Happy Halloween!


  1. The pumpkin totem is stellar! And your jack-o-lanterns look fab. Smart move doing it shortly before Halloween...ours molded and hit the comport already! Your friend in germany, tj

  2. You and your daughter look like sisters! Both so gorgeous! Happy Halloween and much love to you, Jenny. <3

  3. GREAT pumpkins and love that totem--hope you have a very fun Halloween. It's not going to rain here, but very cold--in the 40's--we still love Halloween around here even though our kids are grown (but not at Halloween--we have fun :)
    P.S. I really liked your comment on my last post about being unsure of your art because of being told negative things by someone close to you. Well, I can relate, because the same thing happened to me, and eventually I said--I don't care what anyone thinks--art makes me happy and I'm going to show mine. Never be afraid to show your art--because it's part of you --it will alwsys be wonderful and one of a kind!

  4. That tower of pumpkins is awesome! And you and your little guy are so cute! Happy Halloween and thanks for coming to the party at my blog today!!!! Love when you do. And yes your kids pumpkin carving is top notch!

  5. Your kids' pumpkins are awesome! We don't really do that in NZ (it's spring here) but I had the chance to carve a few during my years in the states and I think it's a great tradition :)

  6. LOVE the totem pole of pumpkins....yummm thinking of pumpkin soup which is my favourite and i have a craving for it. ENJOY x

  7. happy halloween to you too (even though it was yesterday now!) What an awesome pumpkin tower!!!!

    Hope you are well.


  8. Hope you had a great Halloween Jenny! We go walking with a small group and this is the first year that our kids both went with their friends/without us...but we still walked with our little group with their kids and laughed that even when our kids are in college, we'll probably find a reason to walk around. Your kid's pumpkins look great!


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