Friday, October 1, 2010

I won a giveaway!

Just wanted to share these gorgeous earrings I won from the lovely Louise at
Vingtage Inspirations. I feel pretty when I wear them.
Thank you so much Louise!
above photo was borrowed from Louise's blog
Below is a photo I took just before the school year started. Some of the last delicate blooms of summer. Change is in the air, fall is definitely here. I love the colors of autumn, the hot apple cider, visiting the pumpkin patch, and dressing up for Halloween. I will miss the warmth of summer though. I'm one of those people that always has the heat turned way up and I have a little space heater under my desk at work to keep my toes warm. I will have to get a heater for my studio in the garage for sure. I'm loving having my own space to play and create, it's awesome! Happy Weekend friends!


  1. these are beautiful!
    such dear things
    we hold
    in the palm
    of our hands
    & heart
    (& earlobes!).

  2. what beautiful earrings you won! I have loved reading your posts I missed too---a lot's going on with you!

  3. Ooooh you lucky thing! They are gorgeous!

  4. They are such a pretty colour... lucky you.

  5. You lucky devil. Those earrings are great. And I adore hydrangeas. All the colors, but I have a weakness for white ones.
    Get you a heater to make your toes more comfy! No popsicle toes!


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