Thursday, October 7, 2010


I've got something very exciting going on this weekend! I'm taking my first ever painting class at Art & Soul with the amazingly talented Judy Wise! I think I'm stressing about it a little. I had a dream that I showed up for class completely unprepared having forgotten to bring my art supplies. I'm also uneasy because I won't know anyone else in class. I'm telling myself to be brave. I will make new friends and learn some new skills and it will be fantastic. I had trouble sleeping tonight so I quietly crept out to my little studio and made this brave girl. I really appreciate all the kindness on my last post, means a lot this brave(yes, I am brave) girl.
Much Love,


  1. Try not to worry, you'll have lots of fun. It's natural to be nervous about new situations, and it's good to get these feelings out (just like you did by creating your "brave" piece.)

  2. jenny, i looooove this brave woman!
    & love her feather explanation point. that blue background is lush! (oh how creativity & sleep don't always mix/i sooo understand!). lol! xox

  3. I am excited for you!!! You will be fine; It is the preclass jitters!
    I can't wait to hear all about it~

    I hope making your brave girl released you and freed your nerves~

    enJOY! xXx

  4. She is beautiful! Love her hair! Have fun with the class! :)

  5. What a lovely painting Jenny! Congrats on taking the step of doing a class. Agree it can be scary at first but I'm sure you'll be fine. Just go with the intention of having fun and I'm sure you will! Wini xo

  6. How exciting! I sincerely wish I had made it to one of those retreats while I was in the US, not so much of that going on at this end of the world. I'm sure you will have a blast, the anticipation of anything is always the worst part. Love your painting, so impressed by the face. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  7. hi jenny thanks so much for your kind comment of at my blog, love meeting new faces in the art work, loving reading through your blog xx

  8. Jenny, your brave girl is amazing!!!! Just like you! ♥

  9. Jenny, how sweet of you to come to my blog so quickly!!! Yours looks great and I will follow it.
    You are NOT a wantabe artist, my dear, you ARE an ARTIST full fledged. Your work today in encaustics ROCKED!!!!! I hope you blog it for your people to see!
    Funny, that my brush holder looked like Judy's (truth? I made it for HER!) ;-)


  10. Whoa! I can't believe this was only your second painting class! You are doing such awesome work :) And yes, you are BraVe!!! Isn't it fun being a gutsy gal?
    B-day party anyone?
    xo Ruth


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