Monday, October 11, 2010

Art and Soul♥♥♥

Hello Friends!
I had such a wonderful time at Art & Soul this weekend and I got to meet
Judy Wise!!! She is a favorite artist of mine and it was so special to
meet her.
Here's a closer view of my piece. I drew her on heavy paper with graphite
and then painted her with acrylics, caran d'ache water crayons, and water color pencils.
Then I collaged her onto a wood board.
I'm really happy with how she turned out. I'm so thankful to have had
the opportunity to learn from Judy.
I'll be back later in the week with pictures of some of my classmates work!
Happy Monday!


  1. Oh my! she looks lovely! I'm so jealous of your class! It looks like you are having a ball learning all that cool stuff..

  2. oh my heavens!
    you are breaking
    loooove it!

  3. Such a cute photo!! I am glad it turned out so well!
    I had such a nice time in class with you. Thanks again for sharing your positive energy!

  4. I am jealous of your class as well! You are so talented and I am very glad you had a wonderful time! ♥♥

  5. You look so yute on the photo together. :) You made a beautiful piece.

  6. This is the 2nd blog post I've read about Judy's classes--I'm so envious--I love your magical painting!

  7. Lucky Lady, I'm so jealous ;-D
    I love your collage, it is really lovely! What a wonderful event,so glad you were able to go~ xXx

  8. Fabulous! Love it. And the photo of you and Judy is so cute too, such a treat to meet her. She was at Squam and I didnt get a chance. :-) have a fabulous creative week. x

  9. I loved meeting you in class! I have to tell everyone how much more beautiful your picture is in person! It's simply awesome. One of the best!
    Your's will appear on my blog tomorrow in a collage! Come see. ;-)
    Also wanted to tell you that you have a terrific handshake too. Really!!!!!! thanks for coming to my blog and deciding to follow it.

  10. arent art retreats the best???? love love what you have created!! PS thats for the gorgeous comment, i felt so vunerable with that post so its great to know you connected with it :)) xx

  11. hi Jenny! Thank you for this dear post. It was so much fun playing with you at Art & Soul and I thought your piece turned out wonderfully. Big hugs from me!! xo

  12. ooooh...very very nice. well done lovely lady xx

  13. Hello Jenny and thank you for visiting and your lovely comments. Your picture is exciting to have taken a class at Art and Soul. Lucky girl! Moira

  14. Beautiful smiles, and beautiful all looks like lots of fun.

  15. wow Jenny, what a superb experience and what a wonderful creation evolved! :)



  16. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL Jenny; bravo to you for showing up and leaning brave girl you!

  17. Wow!!! She is amazing, beautiful and full of joy. Not unlike the photo of you with Judy Wise! Soooo envious that you've been able to have a class with her.
    Hugs xxx

  18. Hi there, I'm just popping in to say thanks for visiting my blog. LOVE your artwork and as a bit of a beginner myself, am incredibly envious of you getting to attend a workshop like that :-)


  19. What a great experience, one of my goals in the upcoming year is to take some sort of creative workshop. How fun!

  20. Jenny, I got your facebook request and tried to respond YES but not sure it went through. Got one of those Problem page responses. could be my computer. Send me your email and I'll try it from my end. Lynn

  21. oh wow! your piece is beautiful! looks like you had so much fun! i'd love to take a class from judy! your post makes me super excited for an artful journey retreat in feb. it'll be my first art retreat and i'm sure i'll be at art + soul sometime in the future. looks like you had a fabulous time!

    xoxo, juliette

  22. jenny!!!!
    yippy....she is WONDERFUL...your girl that is.
    isn.t it magical to spend time learning from someone you so admire.
    i am so happy for you dear sister.

  23. Your painting turned out so nice! So cool to meet Judy Wise! & take class at Art & Soul! Love it! Glad I happened to visit via twitter and found you were in flying lessons too! Happy week to you~ Theresa
    (a new follower)


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