Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The extra chair

This is what I saw when I came out to my lil' studio last night. My adorable 11yr old boy wants to make art with me side by side. The sight of those two chairs seriously melted my heart, I love that kid. :)


  1. Keep him side by side for as long as possible; eleven is a transitional age with much uncertainty. He needs that comfortable seat beside you more than ever. May your heart melt forever.

  2. arent kids just the best heart melters sometimes.
    i can.t tell you how excited i was to see some of your art. your TREE has got my heart thumps pumping.
    YEAH for you sister.

  3. Oh my - that IS the sweetest. and coming from a boy too!! He wanted to be close to mom. so so lucky!

  4. And he obviously loves to be around you too...enjoy your side-by-side moments. And I hope that you'll post the artwork that you both create within this room full of love.

  5. **swooooooon**

    i love this....nothing like side by side art making!!!

    loves to you

  6. That is a closeness you'll always have and remember, My son, (now 17), was the same way.
    Every now and then I'll find him doing homework in my studio.

  7. that is so FABULOUS! It has been an interesting experience to stay connected with my boy who is now 21! But I do remember when...THANKS for giving me a moment to remember.

  8. I think that's about the sweetest thing ever! And now that you've taken that'll have more than the memory of it forever too!


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