Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's a small world

I just wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from my summer travels with you all. I tried really hard to sleep on the plane on the way over but I was just so excited that I couldn't. We arrived early in the morning at CDG airport in Paris where my dear friend was waiting to pick us up. We made our way to his apartment and lugged our bags up several flights of stairs. So many of the buildings in Europe are so old that they don't have elevators. The apartment was adorable but very tiny. The kitchen and bathroom were kind of in the same room so we called it the Bitchen. We dropped our bags and then headed out to explore the city. We spent the next few days seeing all the touristy spots. I had my portrait drawn at mon matre after we walked around sacre coeur and we had an awesome picnic along the Seine. After a few days in Paris we took the Eurostar train to London. I absolutely l o v e London. I don't know if it was that I could understand the language or if it was being in the land of many of my ancestors but I felt so at home there. I could totally live there. It is so easy to get around on the London underground. One of the best parts about London was meeting up with two fellow bloggers Amelia and Concetta! Amelia hosted us at her home and we all shared lovely meal at her table. It was so fabulous to get together. Both Amelia and Concetta are amazing ladies. It was so fun to chat it up with them, I especially love their accents. I've been practicing speaking with an accent around the house. One of my favorite british words is rubbish. Try saying it with and accent. :) It was really hot while we were there and my hair was driving me crazy, so I found a shop in china town and got it cut. I was so glad I packed my sneakers(or trainers as they say in London)with all the walking we did. After a few fun filled days in London we headed back to Paris. We did a bit more sight seeing and then as I said in a previous post we got quite ill. At that point I was so ready to get back to my own home sweet home. I missed my husband and my babies so much. I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to expand my view of the world and get a few more stamps in my passport. To have shared the experience with the dearest of friends made it that much sweeter too. It's was just like we were kids again.

That's all for now my friends. Much love to you all, Jenny♥


  1. Beautiful photos--I'm so envious--what a dream vacation!!

  2. gorgeous photos!
    lots to tuck away
    into your
    sweet heart.

  3. i love all your photos.....
    love the pigeon sitting solo!! he made me laugh!!!

    how fun that you were able to meet Amelia and Concetta!!! it is always so fun to hear of blog friends that actually connect and meet face to face!!!

    it sounds like such a magical happy you were able to create such fabulous memories!!!


  4. Oh, forgot to say how lovely it was to meet you too! Ha ha, I shall walk around saying 'rubbish' and thinking of you!x

  5. Wow, I missed this post somehow...
    gorgeous pics! Neat you were able to meet blog friends!!! It is great to expand your horizon, but there is no place like home, where your heart
    longs to be~


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