Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thank You!!!

Sending out a very Big Thank you to:
my friend Ellie at Ella's Edge for these lovely hand made
wallets and goodies (shown in the picture below) that she was
kind enough to share with me. Ellen really pays attention to details.
She made the twilight wallet for my daughter(Yes, we're both big fans),
and the wallet on the left has my artwork on it!
Ellen is a talented writer and artist and one of my very first blog friends.♥

And a big thank you to Averil of Art & Clasp. She had a giveaway on her blog and I was the
lucky winner of this beautiful necklace! This was so exciting for me because I never win anything. Yippee! The necklace was lovingly wrapped in the words of Robert Frost and tied with a delicate blue ribbon. The last picture shows the necklace in better detail. I am so loving Averil's jewelry! Check out her shop, I know you'll love it!
It's past eleven here so I'm off to sleep. Goodnight all! ♥Jenny


  1. two beautiful gifts for a BEEEAUTIFUL girl.
    isn.t ellie just the sweetest...she DOES really pay attention to what others love and i just love her for that. and i am lucky to wear a lovely necklace from averil as well...she makes great jewels that make my neck happy.
    (i guess that can be important if you need to hold up your head.)
    how are flying lessons going dear friend?
    loves to you "sister"...

  2. Lucky you on winning that necklace! I like her work, and especially those old bikes and balloon designs!! And those wallets sure are nice looking...
    So will you girls be seeing the midnight showing of the new Twilight movie?? I'll be there on June 29 at midnight...

  3. It looks like you hit the jackpot. Ellen's wallets are so clever and the necklace is simply adorable.

  4. You look gorgeous in your photo!
    I love the necklace; I will go check out her work, bikes and nature speak to my soul, also chocolate ;-D
    I saw you mentioned this in blogland today!

    I am pleased you liked what I sent!
    You have a generous spirit and you are such a supportive friend! It was fun to surprise you! Thank you for your kind words, I am a work in progress. I'm testing my wings, like you, by the way, how are the flying lessons (class) going?!

  5. Congratulations, the necklace is beautiful and the wallets are very cool. I love stuff like that.

  6. When I didn't win Averils' giveaway, I bought her hot air balloon and bee necklace. It is really nice.

  7. LOVE these photos!!!

    Ellen's work is SOOOO great...i loved what she made for Chrissy with the sweet hummingbird....such personal touches to show how much she cares!!

    your neck treasure looks beautiful on are cute as a button and i am L O V I N G the look of your blog!!!!

    happy thursday to you my friend

  8. oh your lucky thing, that necklace is so lovely...

  9. Dear Jenny, I'm so glad you like the necklace! It looks great on you (you are adorable!) Thank you for the blog love, I so appreciate it :D

    Thank you for the lovely compliments from the other commenters too!


  10. Jenny,
    Have you ever considered an art retreat? Flying Lessons has me thinking... I'll be in San Francisco this summer for 6 weeks...

  11. What a great necklace! Your blog has such great energy- thanks for leaving a little bit of it at my blog. It meant a lot to this "newbie" that you took the time to comment- it truly made my day! Lots of good vibrations headed your way from one of your sisters in flight!

  12. those wallets are so amazing!
    & to have your own artwork on them?! looooooove! (& i too totally dig twilight!/read all the books & seen the movies!). :)
    & that necklace is dear.
    lol to you.
    magic in your wallets.
    dancing around your new win.

  13. Congrats! The necklace is beautiful. Enjoying your blog, too. I love those yellow shoes! Transforming shoes with paint. I would never have thought of that.

  14. Did you find your little something I left you on my blog ;-D

  15. hello Jenny, you look so gorgeous !!! see you again soon :)

  16. Hi Jenny! I love your blog-it's warm and cozy! Thanks for visiting mine!
    p.s. love those yellow shoes too!

  17. This is a lovely necklace, well done! The Kelly's ecourse is really pushing you to go beyond the boundaries that we can often set ourselves, I know Im finding many things challenging, yet exciting! Bring it on......World here we come!

  18. such great ideas and inspirations here. I love the wallet and I love the idea of something coming wrapped with words from great poems and literature :)


  19. Hi Jen-your blog looks so great, and your father's day post is sweet. Seeing you and your daughter love might want to take a look at a post I did a few days ago. went to a restaurant where they filmed the first movie and they really play it up in back of it. definitely a must see for fans. looking forward to seeing you soon!


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