Monday, May 31, 2010

A little sunny in my step...

So Saturday I had a lunch date with a few girlfriends in Portland. I was really feeling like I wanted a cutsie new pair of shoes to wear but feeling a bit of squeeze on the 'ol pocket book...I put the idea aside. Then I thought how cute yellow shoes would look with the scarf I was wearing and the next thing you know my old black ballet flats were transformed into these darling sunny shoes with the help of a little acrylic paint! I love them! They really did put a little sunny in my step. Good girlfriends + cute shoes=a very happy day!
In other news, my Kelly Rae class has started! It's giving me much to ponder so far and I'm trying to keep a journal of thoughts, feelings, ideas that come up along the way as Kelly suggests. I left a comment on today's class post and after I saved it I counted the other comments and was elated to see that my comment was #8! 8 has always been significant for me, it's kind of my lucky #. I was the eighth grandchild in the family and my grandmother made a shirt for me with a big #8 embroidered on it. I know it sounds kinda silly, but it made me feel like I was on the right path taking this class. A little nod from the universe if you will.♥
To all my fellow flyers that have come by to visit and been kind enough to leave a comment, "Thank you!" It means a lot to me. I'm so excited to see that the majority of followers now are people I've never met. I'm trying to get to every one's blogs and meet all my classmates, it's difficult working full time and having only one computer to share between myself, husband, and the kids. I'm so glad I started blogging and happy to meet so many lovely people. I'm off to a family BBQ with the folks now. Happy Day to you!


  1. I LOVE those shoes!!!! And YAY for your lucky number. My # is 11 :)

    THank you for your lovely comments on my blog. They mean so much!

  2. Jenny-first off freakin cute shoes. that you would even think to paint them-how fun! I fully support adding color to your life. also your writing style is becoming so full and warm. very fun to read. I love and miss you dearly!!!! thanks for your encouragement. Love, rach

  3. Hi Jenny! I am a fellow classmate in Kelly's class and wanted to drop by and say hi. I spent the afternoon putting everyone's blog in my reader. Wow, we got a class full of talent! It is very exciting to me.

    I love your yellow shoes! I would have never guessed that you used acrylic paint on them. Great job!


  4. I, too love your new sunshine shoes!
    So fun...
    I look for signs, like you and I think that is a huge sign!!! My husband has this thing with 7, me it is 3 and 5. When I look for a sign, I look for 3(7's). I find them a lot and I always smile~

    Enjoy your class, it sounds amazing!
    You are off to a great start ;-D

  5. Your shoes turned out adorable. What a great idea!

  6. hi there,

    I feel there's a wonderful tribe forming out there and taking this class is so the right thing. I am COMMITTING fully to the art thing as we speak so hopefully there's less of a split in my life.

    Thanks for your lovely well-wishing comment on my last blog post - it means so much to me!


  7. GREAT shoes!!
    Kelly Rae is a wonderful artist and is so generous in having this class. I know you'll gain from it!!

  8. i love that you painted your shoes!! they are like yellow friends on your feet!
    happy eights your way.x

  9. Love the shoes! Hi Jenny, I'm Terri Smith from Dimples & Dragonflies. So nice to meet you! Thank you for becoming a Follower, and once I conclude this comment I plan to become your Follower as well.

    I too am learning to fly with Kelly. Feeling so blessed that she's opening her heart to us through this e-course. She truly is an inspiration!

    Blessings, Joy & Sunshine, Terri Smith

  10. Can I just say I would be SO SCARED to paint my shoes for fear I would ruin them. I guess I need to add this somehow to my list of fears for the e-course!

  11. they are very cute summery shoes, what a brilliant idea!!! I am enjoying the flying lessons too, so much to think about.

  12. love those yellow shoes!
    i am in kelly's class, nice to meet you!

  13. WOW! Those shoes are so cute! It's amazing what you can do with paint. =)
    So happy you stopped by to say hi. It is a pleasure meeting you. I love our class! I look forward to more adventurous flights with you my friend.


  14. I have never in my life thought of painting my shoes... and I have a lot of black ones. They look fantastic!

    I've also never considered working in acrylics, but you've just made me realise there's only so far you can go with watercolours... ;)

    Gorgeous blog!

  15. oh my Jenny, LOVE the yellow shoes!! :)

  16. WOW, these shoes are so, so cute! And what a great idea to spruce them up with a simple coat of paint. You picked the perfect shade of yellow too.

  17. LOVE
    the sweet, sunshiney, full of happiness yellow shoes!!

    i also love that you are flying with me!!! isn't the class amazing....soooooooooo much to digest and chew on!

    love that your comment was #8 and there is significance for those sweet little signs from the universe!!

    love and hugs,

  18. Not silly at all 7 & 9 are my favorite numbers..maybe a little silly LOL. Love the SHOES.. I'm also loving the ecourse how about you?

  19. Hi Jenny,

    I think it must feel great to walk in those beautiful pair of shoes! You have happy feet which then will then make your day!

    I might get my hands on a pair of plain white shoes and start painting acrylic on them!my creative hands itch to paint now!

  20. love the shoes ... if I can find some time I may try this out on a pair of canvas running shoes that have not been white for a long time ... I'm thinking of a funky flower design ...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!

  21. Oh I LOVE THOSE SHOES! I was actually a little disappointed when you said you didn't buy them because then I can't get a pair. But I too am broke and now that I think of it I have an old pair of red flats that were all scuffed.... Thanks for putting my button on your blog- super sweet of you!!! :)

  22. I am stopping by from Kelly's class.

    First off so happy I dropped by. I can't believe how many talented women I am finding today!! It has been a busy week so I am just getting around to seeing everyone and am having so much fun!

    Your yellow shoes are darling:) I can see myself wearing them. Too fun.

    Also your canvas's you are creating are inspiring me. I have done a few but not very good ones. I need to keep trying!!


  23. Yes, I too LOVE not only those shoes, but the idea of painting old ones and making them new! Fabulous. I am a fellow classmate from Kelly Rae's class as well. Pop over to my Blog when you have time and join in the Artwalk Friday Blog Challenge.

  24. Your art, your blog, and especially your freshly painted shoes are just awesome! So glad I found your blog on the hop list! HOW did you get the acrylic paint to adhere and stay and look so like it really is the color of the shoes?? I am so impressed with your creativity!!!

  25. I love those shoes and hope you transformed them...which makes me think...


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