Monday, May 3, 2010

Learning to fly...

I took a leap and signed up for the very 1st e-course offered by Kelly Rae Roberts! It starts on May 30th and I'm so excited to learn all that I can and meet some lovely new friends, I can't wait to get started! I'm not really in a position to leave my day job at this point but that's what I dream about for my future. I'm working on making a space for artsy messes in the garage so that my family will be able to eat dinner at the table. If you're visiting from class drop me a line, I'd love to meet you!
I also signed up for a class at Art n Soul in Portland this fall with the fabulous Judy Wise! I figure the Kelly Rae class is a Mother's Day gift to myself and Judy's class is an early birthday gift. Hope you all had a Happy May Day! ♥Jenny


  1. Hi Jenny, thank you for stopping by on my blog earlier :)
    I've just been browsing your blog and you do make some pretty art, isn't it amazing when we finally decide to just go on and do it we almost amaze ourselves by some of the gorgeous things we didn't even realize we could do! :)

    I also agree with your statement in one of your earlier posts, it's all about practice, practice, practice. This was one of the reasons why I started posting my stuff on the net, I really want to get into the habit of just creating and posting regularly regardless of how good or bad the art might look :D
    Sorry about the long comment, kind of getting excited about meeting the fellow travelers on this great journey we're taking into the art world :)

  2. Hi Jenny! I'm so glad you stopped by!! Here's to making beautiful art and taking flying lessons from Kelly Rae! I'm so excited about the class and am happy that you are a part of it!! Hugs, Silke

  3. Hi Jenny,

    This looks amazing;I am really excited for you! I like this piece of art-powerful message! Thanks for all your support, lately and kind comments. I loved you story about the sand dollars!

    (((hugs))) Happy Wednesday~

  4. i love that drawing you did...

    glad you've given yourself those nice gifts!

  5. Hello Jenny Lee. Great to meet you here and thanks for visiting. I really appreciate getting to know new lovely people who blog - will come back soon. Your blog looks beautiful by the way ;)

  6. Hi Jenny, I'm so glad to have found and now follow your blog. I love your introducion and I am a BIG fan of Kelly Rae's.

  7. Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for visiting me...and now I'm happy to have popped over here. Looks like you are having fun following the dream too!
    See ya in class.

  8. Hey Jenny, I love your blog-- You have such a beautiful family! Can't wait for class to start :)

  9. Hi Jenny - thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. I have really enjoyed reading your blog tonight - a lot of what you say has clicked with me.

    Btw, I love your cat 'helping' you create!

  10. Wow, great going - may all of these steps that you're taking bring you closer to realizing your dream.

  11. Hi Jenny, thanks so much for your comment and visit to my blog, and yes, I would recommend Sharon's class. She also teaches you step by step on how to paint the face. I love her style.

  12. Hi Jenny- Thank you for the lovely compliments on my Art work. Love your blog! I look forward to getting to know you and our fellow classmates as we all realize out dreams and creative expression, where ever they are supposed to be taking us. I am overwhelmed, inspired and humbled to be among so many creative spirits. It is truly a gift beyond measure! Can't wait for class to begin.
    Warmly, Beth Megquier

  13. Hey Jenny,
    Thanks for becoming one of my followers,I must say that I get excited everytime I log on and see that the number of my followers has gone up ( and it's not one of my family members) lol..I have to say that your profile sounds alot like mine wife, and working mother trying to do this art thing and it makes me feel like i'm not the only one out there taking this jump ! love the art work and I hope that I can be a inspiration to you like your artwork is for me. Cant wait for the class to began ... I have already meet some many new people and cool blog to look at! I love this already !

  14. I love how you made your own fly with me picture. I have just committed to making a living from my creativity! I have always done creative things, and I realised that if I didn't try now, then I may never achieve my dream of being an artist. Perseverance and keeping at it - If I just keep doing it -eventually I will get there. If I just keep trying to get better and improve then I will.

  15. Have fun with the course, sounds like a great thing to do.

    Education is so important when u want to run ur own business. U are definitely taking the right steps.:)

  16. Hi Jenny Lee, thanks for visiting my blog! We already were postcard swap pals, now we are going to fly together in Kelly Rae's course! I like your art and I completely agree with many of the things you say. Good luck, and see you in class!

  17. Hey, It was so awesome to watch you in the creative process-you make it look so easy! So nice to see you letting loose and really having fun!

  18. Hi! I just signed up for Kelly Rae's Flying Lessons and am visiting some of the blogs of participants. I just love the look of yours & can't wait to explore it more. I'm adding you to my blogroll so I can find you again. I really enjoy looking at your artwork.

  19. I'm with you in the class. We can all learn together! Weee!

  20. yippy!
    look at you sister!
    you are flying!
    how exciting.
    you will LOVE kelly rae and i am ohhhh so envious of your class with judy wise at art & soul...i have heard it is WONDERFUL there.
    huge hugs to you my dear.

  21. Hi Jenny,
    A fellow flyer here! My name is Jodi, I'm from St. Paul, MN.
    Very nice to meet you and sharing this inspiration-filled ecourse!
    It is the first one I have signed up for too.
    I just created a personal blog and thought of a name for my biz so I have some blog learning to do also.
    Yours looks great!

    Enjoy today,

  22. Good luck with your e-courses, and oh yes, I should introduce myself! I thought I would visit your blog after Ellie at Ella's Edge gave us all Sisterhood Awards. I'm enjoying your artwork and hope that you will someday have time to focus on it more!

    I too am in the same situation, where it is difficult to work on what I love because I feel like I need my job to pay the bills. Sigh, if only there were more hours in a day!


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