Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fill 'er up please...

Well I had a minor crisis the other day. So I'm driving down the road in my husbands old truck when all of the sudden the engine starts to die! I looked down at the gas gage and my heart sunk when I saw the old needle pointing the empty symbol. Oh great, what to do. As it happens I was about 150 feet from the gas station so I thought there was a chance I might be able to just coast on in. Yes, it was working I was going to make it. Then in the middle of traffic I was at a complete stand still. Thankfully the kindness of strangers is alive and well, a nice man pulled over and pushed me into the gas station and after refueling I was on my happy way again.

I got to thinking about how important it is to make sure we're not running on "empty", that we take a little time to remember who we are and how special we are, and how much we can accomplish if we believe in ourselves and each other. Thank you to my blog friends for your love and kindness. It means so much to me. I'm always so excited to get a comment or an email from you. It's a wonderful feeling to know that someone you've never even met cares about you and is so willing to extend friendship to you. You ladies keep my tank full.

Much Love,



  1. I love this post Jenny, it is so true! We can't be truly ourselves when we run on empty. We need fuel and to recharge our batteries!
    Wow, I am so happy a good Samaritan
    helped you! Great post from a great friend!
    Beautiful picture, I might add~ :D

  2. I'm glad there was a knight in shining armor when you needed one! I liked your "running on empty" analogy. You're onto something... happy creations from tj in germany


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