Friday, April 9, 2010

The eyes have it...

I painted this awhile back in the style of Kelly Rae Roberts. The eyes have been bugging me lately so today I decided to fix them. I was really afraid to mess it up so I printed out a copy of it first to practice. I think she looks a little more peaceful now that her eyes aren't bugging out quite as much. The top pic is the before and the bottom pic is the after. This painting was so fun to make, I remember feeling so overjoyed when I finished it. There's just nothing like that giddy childlike feeling you get when you look down at your hands all covered in paint. Love it. ♥


  1. Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for popping over to my blog and I appreciate your sweet comment.

    I share your strong passion for artistic expression and it's lovely to have connected.

  2. There is a natural warmth in her eyes now. You were smart to print out a copy, just in case!

    I agree, it is our way as adults to time travel. Go back to a time,when we were more carefree, whether is is cookie dough, paint or dirt. It is a flashback of freedom, when we were more open to experiment and play
    with the medium of choice! Enjoy~

    why have you been hiding your talents under a bushel?
    very very bad!
    i love her. she is wonderful.
    paint paint and paint some more.
    funny that you made a copy to practice...i did the SAME thing yesterday with a piece i am painting for an upcoming talk i have...didn.t want to "ruin" it.
    love you AND your talents.
    happy weeknd.
    i am now "officially" playing the piano...wink. wink.

  4. Hi, thanks for your comment... what a clever idea to make a copy! looking forward to seeing you in class.

  5. This is stunning! Just beautiful! I popped over from Kelly Rae's class and I'm glad I did, you have lovely artwork!


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