Sunday, March 14, 2010

Practice, practice, practice...

I should be have been doing a million other things today but I let the laundry and the dishes pile up cause I wanted to practice drawing. I work 5 days a week so my free time is limited. I should be asleep right now. I think I'm improving a little bit. The key is to not look at other peoples drawings too much, or you'll start those little conversations with yourself like, "uh, my drawings look ridiculous compared to these." I'm trying to just have fun and tell myself that I can do anything with a little practice. If there is something new you're trying to learn, keep at it, you're bound to succeed if you keep trying!


  1. Wow, great beginning; I love her lips! Keep at are freeing up your soul. We all need to dig deep and create, whatever medium we choose and keep doing it so we can see how our art evolves.

    I stopped for awhile, didn't have or I should say didn't make time for it. I have to create or I'm not me!

  2. the eyes are beautiful and those lips!!!
    those lips are KISSABLE!
    so proud of you for MAKING time to do what makes your heart happy and your creative spirit soar.
    loves to you.

  3. Kein vergleichen! (No comparing!!) No matter how "good" you get, there will always be somebody better out there. It's not a competition, so keep going with your portraits!! tj in germany

  4. good work! I sometimes just pick up a pencil and let my hands go where they may, not knowing what the end result will be. These are some of my favorite pieces, draw from you soul and you will always end up with something that speaks to you and others. Just as this piece does:) she's beautiful!!!

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  6. I love this post ...because I have to tell myself that very thing all the time many times we get caught up with trying to make our paintings, and drawing look like someone else's but dont stop to thing that people like what we created even though it doesnt look like our favorite artist hard thing to swallow right ...anyway I love your work...keep it up !


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