Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Moon at Midnight!

We weren't planning on it but last night when on I got home from my book club my daughter Emma and I decided to zoom over to WalMart at Midnight for the DVD release of New Moon! I was super tired but Emma was so excited and she's such a good kid that I couldn't resist putting a smile on her adorable face. We left about 12:15 to avoid the lines and made it 5min before the store was closing! Emma was thrilled and it was good mother/daughter bonding. We're so excited for the next movie this summer! Happy Saturday to all.!


  1. What a great Mom, you are! I love to surprise the kids! You are super and she will have fond memories of you and what you did someday! It is those special moments that make imprints on our hearts! I am happy you two have a special relationship!
    (I do with my daughter, too)~

    Enjoy her and the memories~

  2. I am in total agreement with ellie.
    not only because you took her to walmart after midnight, but because i KNOW you also wait for hours in line for the midnight showing of every twilight movie!
    I am the worst mom because not only did I NOT go to the movies with my girls...I HAVEN.T READ THE SERIES!
    GASP! I know! I KNOW!
    im the only woman on the PLANET that hasn.t
    I just have to say that for being after midnight and just sitting through bookclub...YOU LOOK AWESOME SISTER!
    hot sassy lips!
    love it.
    love you.
    (p.s. your clone daughter is a doll too!)

  3. Thank you my ladies! Truth be told, it was just as much for me as it was for her! Love the excitement and anticipation waiting in line for those midnight movies too, it's a blast! It is great for our relationship, fun to have a common interest with my sweet girl. Love to you both!♥♥♥


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