Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fun with faces...

My little brother is taking an art class and some of his drawings are amazing! He has inspired me to give drawing a try. In the first picture I'm just practicing features, I know it's kinda funny with just one eye, the second I did in pencil and crayon, and the third is just pencil. I realize these are very amateur, but I'm really enjoying it. I'm thinking about taking an online class. If anyone has any suggestions for a great online class, let me know.


  1. These look great; he has an eye
    for details! Let me know what class you decide on..should be fun! I need to sketch again, I use to all the time!

  2. GEEEEZ girlfriend.
    you better get drawing. no wasting that talent of yours anymore.
    there are a zillion online classes.
    i.ll find some links and send them off to you.

  3. Hi there jenny lee..thanks for leaving a comment on my blog..I have taken suzi blu's goddess and poet class. She shows how to draw stylised was fun and value for money i think. I never really drew..but discovered I love to draw people(mostly imaginary)!. her class gave me a lot of confidence and that shabby style is one I like also helped 'free me up '.. a gift really ...I would certainly recommend it..but whatever you decide Im sure you will enjoy it and your drawing will improve ..its all about lots of have a natural eye anyway and you will just go on getting more fabulous !
    Jan xox

  4. I should of said, YOU have an eye for details! I love the eyes~
    Talent runs in your family~


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