Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Postcards continued...

I'm just about to get ready for work but I wanted to post a couple more postcards. I'm wishing I could stay home today all wrapped up in my snuggie and play with my art supplies all day. Alas, I'm a grownup and I gotta go to work. This pc challenge has been so much fun. I've gotten a bit attached to my postcards and I'm feeling just a tiny bit sad about mailing them and never seeing them again. Is that just ridiculous?
Happy Wednesday!


  1. They are cute; I love "The love" one, best! I wish I was working, not at the time, What do you do? I totally get the way you feel.
    Everything I make, I get this feeling, I want to keep it. I made Lineages of Love for Christmas, I didn't
    want to mail them. Photos on your blog or a virtual scrapbook of your work on Flickr, is a great way to keep track. How many did you have to make for this swap?
    Swaps are fun, but I always get anxiety ridden, did I do enough, what kind of stuff do they like?
    Looks like you enjoyed making them and that in itself is a gift!

  2. soooo cute.
    it does get hard to give things up sometimes doesn't it.
    you.ll get something wonderful in return!
    happy wednesday.

  3. you are a superstar! Love your work-maybe we can get together and make something soon!

  4. But I'm so glad you did allow them to fly, because I got your Love Is way down south in Texas! Thanx a bunch for swapping with the iHanna DIY Postcard Swap



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