Thursday, February 11, 2010

Down to the wire...

I'm burnin the midnight oil to finish up these postcards. Here's a pic of the one I just finished and the other one I liked so much I made it my banner! Happy Friday to all tomorrow, I'm so looking forward to the weekend!


  1. oooo!
    luck postcard people!
    love the banner too.
    great job.
    i love how you stitched the flowers.
    happy weekend.
    i am looking forward to it as well.

  2. I love your new banner! I love the postcard, with the stitched flowers, really stands out! Have a Happy
    Friday and weekend!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I wanted to wish you and yours a
    fabulous holiday, tomorrow! We
    are making a huge pbutter cookie for my daughter's boyfriend and getting pizza..simple pleasures!
    Thanks for sharing your pretty postcards, a really fun endeavor!

  4. Oh thank you Ellie! We have no major plans, just enjoying a quiet day with my family tomorrow. Giant cookies sound like a great idea, yum! I always like to make pb cookies with extra chunky peanut butter. Glad you like the postcards! I've scanned them all if you'd like one I can print it out and mail it to you! Happy Love day to you tomorrow! Thanks for your friendship!

  5. Hi Jenny, its a cold grey winter day here but the sun came out when the postwoman came and popped your delightful card through my letterbox. Im the very lucky woman who recieved your banner piece...thank you so much... i shall treasure it..
    love Jan
    in not so sunny Sussex, England !
    check out my blog at


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