Sunday, February 7, 2010

Curious kitty

I have two cats, Nova and Boo. Boo is a recent addition to the family, my husband rescued him just before Halloween last year. He is all black so we named him, Boo. He is very curious about the crafting mess I have out all over the kitchen table(really need my own craft room). Every time I step away, he comes and plops right on my stuff. Here's a few pics. I had to throw in the pic with the yellow shirt since he looks so cute! I saw it in the clearance bin at Petco and had to get it. Suprisingly he loves wearing it.


  1. Boo is sooo cute; we use to have a cat, that was almost all black, with just a bit of white..adorable!
    I love the name Nova, is that from the Tv show?! It is such a challenge, when you don't have your own, space. I have a place above our
    FROG(furnished room over garage) but it is freezing. I go up and come right back down, to cold! I am also working on the kitchen table.
    We have to find a way, to craft!
    Keep at it!

  2. Yes, we must craft! Nova is short for Casanova. That was his name at the shelter where I adopted him. I just shortened it. I do love the tv show though, pbs rocks. Maybe you could get a little space heater for your frog room. Glad the storms have passed over you. Have a great day tomorrow!


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