Thursday, January 28, 2010

Twillight tees coming soon!

Okay, so I am one of those girls who has read all the twilight books and stood in line for hours at the midnight premieres. Last November I wanted to get some cute shirts for my daughter and I to wear to the New Moon premiere but I couldn't really find anything that I liked, so I made my own. I hand embroidered I ♥ edward and I ♥ jacob shirts for my daughter and I. I've had so many compliments on them I decided to make a couple for family and friends to wear to the premiere of Eclipse this summer! I will also have some up in my etsy shop as soon as their ready. If you haven't read the books really should. :)


  1. sadly i have to admit that i am one of those that hasn't given in to temptation and read the series.
    i know. i know.
    every woman on earth except for me has done it.
    all my friends AND especially my 14 yr. old daughter keep telling me that.
    cute shirts. i love when a woman can go out and make something for herself because she just can't find what she wants anywhere else....and then she spreads that love to others...(your etsy store!)
    keep up the good work.
    also, thanks for commenting on my blog.
    i love to see what folks are thankful for on thursdays.

  2. love these shirts! And you & Em are adorable! When are you going to have these for sale?

  3. I gave in and read the series and
    went to the last two movies. I really enjoyed sharing this experience with my 13 going on 14yr old.
    I love that you made your own special, unique design. It means more; your daughter will treasure the memory some day! You, two look like sisters, so cute!


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